Top cryptocurrency exchange BitMart has integrated Dash with InstantSend support.

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Announced this week, the exchange will offer USDT, BTC, and ETH trading pairs for Dash. In the announcement, BitMart specifically highlighted their rigorous approval process for new listings to ensure maximum compliance, and described how Dash met that criteria, specifically the compliance review system:

“We also took tremendous time and effort to develop our own compliance review system to make sure that our listings of certain tokens/coins do not run afoul of local laws. Our compliance team prudently reviewed all the materials we were provided on a case-by-case basis and reported that DASH is structured and promoted as “Utility Token”, and therefore, should be not categorized as “Security”. We finally decided that listing DASH is in compliance with local rules and regulations in areas where we operate.”

BitMart offers trading at competitive rates that start at 0.100% for the Maker and 0.200% for the Taker, which then gradually decreases the more volume a user trades over the past rolling 30 days, all the way up through 8 tiers where fees become 0.030% for Maker and 0.060% for the Taker. Additionally, all trading fees are discounted by 50% if paid for in their native BMX token. They then have a minimum withdraw fee of 0.004 Dash and a fee of 0.002 Dash.

Another key integration to counter the persistent “privacy coin” narrative

The addition of Dash to the BitMart cryptocurrency exchange with its strict compliance rules comes at an important moment as some exchanges, particularly those in South Korea, have delisted Dash due to FAFT guidelines. These exchanges that have delisted Dash cite regulatory environments, but due diligent research, such as that done by BitMart shows that Dash still complies with regulations in most countries despite being labeled a “privacy coin” alongside with Monero and Zcash. Ryan Taylor has also made the argument that Dash with its PrivateSend mixing feature is no different than using Bitcoin with Coinjoin and thus should be treated the same by regulators and exchanges.

Enabling lower volatility through enhanced exchange integrations

InstantSend-enabled cryptocurrency exchange listings such as BitMart strengthen Dash’s liquidity and allow for lower volatility through increased arbitrage opportunities. Ryan Taylor, CEO of Dash Core, illustrated how this can greatly assist traders that want to take advantage of arbitrage opportunities, which also helps lower the volatility of Dash and its trading pairs as better price discovery is enabled. Additionally, their InstantSend support enhances this service further since the exchange will be recognizing Dash’s enhanced safety within less blocks and not adding unnecessary wait times to transactions.

While it is important to get more merchants to accept Dash for their goods and services, it is equally important to get more exchanges to integrate Dash. This is to provide more on and off ramps for consumers and merchants so there can be more consistent free flow of money rather than inconsistent large swings where consumers and merchants would have invested/divested in larger amounts and less frequent intervals. Additionally, more exchanges are starting to integrate Dash’s InstantSend as they recognize the faster speed and enhanced safety of Dash making long wait times unnecessary. One of the biggest exchanges to integrate InstantSend was Coinbase, which has made Dash processing 12 times faster by only requiring 2 block confirmations at 2.5 minute intervals compared to Bitcoin’s 6 block confirmations at 10 minute intervals.