BitGo, the leader in institutional-grade cryptocurrency security and multi-signature wallets has added Dash to its supported services.

BitGo’s CTO, Ben Chan, mentioned in the Press Release how integrating Dash will allow more investors and consumers to benefit from Dash’s unique features.

“BitGo’s integration with Dash provides this new currency model with an infrastructure to attract institutional investment and provide the highest level of security available on the market today. Institutional customers will be able to enjoy high security storage and also take advantage of InstantSend on this asset.”

BitGo is a multi-coin wallet that allows users to easily create wallets and move between them. Recently, BitGo also announced the creation of the BitGo Trust Company, as “the first qualified custodian purpose-built for digital assets”.

Ryan Taylor, CEO of Dash Core Group, also discussed how BitGo and Dash will be embarking on a mutually beneficial venture.

“There are many benefits of integrating Dash into BitGo’s industry-leading services. First, it introduces a comprehensive custodial solution to the Dash network. BitGo will also be the first to provide an enterprise-class multi-signature wallet, which will enable institutions to safely leverage Dash at scale as part of their operations. Because so many large cryptocurrency exchanges rely on BitGo as part of their security, this integration will enable Dash to partner with many new exchanges and make supporting Dash easier for some of our existing partners. Finally, BitGo gains a new capability with Dash in the form of instant transactions, which we think many of their clients – especially exchanges – will value greatly.”

BitGo currently processes around $15 billion per month among all cryptocurrencies and currently has over $2 billion in assets in wallets.

Institutional investors looking for reliable investments

Investors who are looking for long-term investments that will generate more returns than alternative options will find potential investments where the base investment steadily increases in price and value over time. Previously, Dash Force News discussed how an item’s price and value changes as demand changes based on speculation and usage. It is difficult to decipher these two factors to find the exact split, but there have been very good imitatives such as CoinFairValue that derives a currency’s Fair Value from its real-world usage and other factors. From this, Dash is shown to rank near the top of all cryptocurrencies, which provides investors with more confidence that an investment in Dash will yield longer and better returns. This is opposed to other coins whose price increases rely more on speculation, which can be very fickle and not yield good long-term returns for investors

Many of these investors are also institutional investors and companies running large operations that need a way to invest their clients’ money with proper safeguards. Thus, that is where BitGo’s new Trust Company comes into play since these investors and their clients can rest assured that their investments in the new sector of cryptocurrencies are being managed safely by professionals. For many of the same reasons, BitGo’s multi-signature wallet will also play a significant role in cryptocurrency adoption since large investment firms and clients can feel safer that it will at least require m of n signatures to move the money. This prevents rogue employees from taking the cryptocurrency and running. These two features make it easier for more consumers and investors to partake in Dash ownership, which will enhance the network of Dash and encourage further adoption.

Dash appeals to institutional investors by serving consumers

Dash has long prioritized consumers by offering services that make Dash very easy to use in everyday transactions no matter how small or large. As proof of its real-world usage, Dash just surpassed 3,500 Dash accepting merchants around the world and over 1800 of those are clustered in Venezuela, according to Dash offers regular transactions that confirm faster and cheaper than other cryptocurrencies and even offers InstantSend for confirmation in 1-2 seconds for a cost of around $0.01-$0.02 USD and now this service will be easily available to investors. Dash’s prioritization of everyday transactions and its forthcoming Evolution updates has allowed Dash to become very popular among average consumers looking for an everyday currency.

Investors looking for the best possible returns for themselves and their clients are making careful evaluations and their demand has caused other custodial accounts to be explored. Then these custodial accounts not only recognize investors’ demand for cryptocurrency, but their demand for Dash because of its solid growth, focus on users and everyday transactions, and clear plans for future growth and adoption that the network is currently executing.