BitCart is a cryptocurrency startup competitor to the industry heavyweight for allowing users to pay with crypto for anything off of Unlike Purse, which acts as escrow while other users buy your products for you, BitCart just straight up gives you the gift codes to buy the products yourself. Also unlike Purse, BitCart allows you to buy directly with Dash, instead of having to go through ShapeShift and the painful experience of using a Bitcoin transaction.


Reliability Buying gift cards with BitCart has gone off without issue. I have always received all the requisite gift codes, all of which worked.

Discount BitCart provides a flat rate discount of 15% for Dash and Bitcoin. Initially the Dash discount was 20%, which was lowered to 15% after the first week or so. According to BitCart, this higher discount is saved for special promotions, and users can regularly expect 15%.

Speed The turnaround time for BitCart orders is not entirely consistent yet, though this has been improving over time. Many orders are completed in under 12 hours, and almost all go through in under 24 hours. There were a few several-day delays when the Dash integration first launched, but those appear to have passed.

User Interface

Appearance The site is a simple, well-put together one-pager, giving a professional and attractive appearance.

Use The one-page format comes front-loaded with the main functionality easily within reach: login and buy gift cards. Once logged in, settings and order management menus appear. Missing, however, is much information that one could come to expect from most businesses: no about page, no company information, now “how it works,” and most notably no contact information whatsoever. Upon signing up a welcome email is sent, but other than that there is no means of communication provided for BitCart. Prospective users who have not signed up will have to resort to Twitter stalking to find any contact.


Contacting support can prove difficult due to missing contact options available. Once achieved, however, response is decent if inconsistent. While I have never had to do without support, a few times it took a while to get a response.


Pros: Straightforward experience, easy and high Dash discounts for everything off of

Cons: Very low-information site, difficult to contact support.