BitCart has decided to limit the amount of orders it takes on in an effort to improve its service.

The online service allows users to purchase gift cards with Dash at a 15% discount, providing a solution for Dash users to use their funds for a wide variety of purchases. BitCart’s service, however, has experienced issues recently, with delays fulfilling orders and difficulties establishing solid communication channels. Customer complaints built up on private channels and eventually spilled over publicly to forums like Reddit: problems from dashpay

In response to complaints BitCart released a community update addressing these concerns, and announced a temporary limit on orders in order to focus on fulfilling them on a timeline more consistent with claims:

“New updates will include automated email delivery. In order to accomplish these upgrades, we will place a limit on orders which is proportionate to the supply of gift cards we have that particular day. A simple pivot like this for a company can make a serious change to it’s [sic] performance.”

Large volume spike following the decision to integrate Dash exclusively

Originally a small startup, BitCart was dwarfed by larger companies like, which similarly offers an avenue for customers to buy off of with Bitcoin. After integrating Dash directly (as opposed to through ShapeShift to Bitcoin as Purse does), its volume shot up exponentially. To deepen this new relationship with the Dash community, BitCart then decided to drop Bitcoin entirely, resulting even more use:

“As it stands, Bitcart is the only ecommerce website that enables Dash users to buy everyday items and we know some of our regular customers are using Bitcart as a vessel to deal exclusively in Dash which enables them to truly be free from fiat currency; not just dipping in and out. We have since increased volume to up to $100,000 per month.”

While a business operating on revenue from regular operations, BitCart is nonetheless in a unique position due to a close partnership with both the Dash Core team and due to its several proposals funded by the Dash treasury for various additional projects and expansions. Because of this, several masternode owners have publicly considered voting against ongoing proposals due to lacking service. BitCart responded by asking for patience and cooperation rather than aggressive measures:

“We would urge the Dash community to reach out to us and help us in a constructive manner. Some of our partners have already been doing this and it is proving to be very helpful. Ultimately, we are working together towards the same purpose. Allegations of fraud and requests to renounce funding agreements are extremely destructive — the opposite of what we need to generate more activity on the Dash network and to become a more stable business.”

The BitCart team is also working on other projects such as Festy

In addition to BitCart, some of the same team members have also begun work on another Dash exclusive project, Festy, which aims to offer contactless wristbands and cards for easy payments in Dash at festivals and other businesses around the world. In order to expand into the pub scene, Festy and Dash recently funded a headline sponsorship at the Irish Pubs Global Awards to gain access to thousands of pub owners around the world.