BitCart has announced that they will be removing Bitcoin as a payment option, providing exclusive support for Dash.

Earlier this year, the Ireland-based startup, which offers users a 15% discount on gift cards when using cryptocurrency, integrated Dash as a payment option alongside Bitcoin, leading to an overwhelming influx of orders. Now, BitCart is dropping Bitcoin functionality, meaning its customers can only use Dash.

Bitcoin’s slow confirmations caused BitCart to go full Dash

This move to go Dash-only was due to increasingly slow transactions for Bitcoin, according to BitCart CEO Graham de Barra:

“From a merchant’s point of view, Bitcoin is extremely problematic. The backlog is vast and transactions speeds are terribly slow. I had to wait three entire weeks to fill two customer orders, simply waiting on the Bitcoin network to clear. Bitcoin as a method of payment on BitCart is simply not sustainable and it’s a nightmare from a merchant point of view; every twenty or so transactions the platform would stop working and we would have to reintegrate the API.”

Dash has significantly lower fees and transaction times than Bitcoin, and this leads to a vastly different experience on both the customer and merchant side, according to de Barra:

“Dash is by far the best e-commerce token in the world and it completely solves the instant transaction and settlement problems Bitcoin currently faces. Since we integrated Dash six weeks ago, we haven’t had a single problem. Dash is so easy to use from both a consumer and merchant perspective and since we disabled Bitcoin, demand for BitCart has gone through the roof. Dash can handle incredibly high volume of transactions; in fact there doesn’t seem to be a limit, and every order is seamless.”

Dash gains businesses as the “business flippening” takes place

More businesses are seeing the benefits of using Dash, not only from using a superior transactional tool, but from an influx of new users. According to Dash VP of Business Development Daniel Diaz, this rapid expansion is spurred onward by the treasury system, which allows for 10% of new funds created to be dedicated to uses such as business development:

“Dash is expanding at a rapid pace as the network promotes itself in ways that are only possible in a self funded decentralized organization. As more and more people learn about Dash, services like BitCart will grow in popularity and it’s great to see companies in the ecosystem do well as this invites other businesses to also adopt Dash.”

De Barra similarly sees the advantage of the treasury funding model, which helped entice BitCart into Dash exclusivity.

“I love that Dash invests in its own development, and invests in the development of services that use Dash through their unique funding model. Bitcoin has a severe lack of investment into its development and merchant tools, and that’s why we are leaning towards keeping Bitcoin disabled on BitCart long term. The community want Dash to be the only thing to be used on Bitcart. It’s in the name, plain and simple, its digital cash, and Dash is king.”