BitCart announced a new wearable offline wallet for Dash, Festy, geared for easy payments at festivals.

The Irish startup, which allows users to buy discounted Amazon gift cards with Dash, is developing the wristband wallet in order to solve the major issue of purchases at festivals. According to BitCart CEO Graham de Barra, this targets the younger generations and eliminates the need for carrying, and potentially losing, valuables:

“Festy’s multi-functional wristband is compatible with every Point-of-Sale system where Visa contactless is accepted, as well as on any mobile phone or computer with NFC tags and offline payments using QR codes. This versatility is adaptable to any environment including fields, beaches, camping sites as well as bars, restaurants and conferences. Festy is an affordable, scalable, and secure payment solution, particularly for millennials and Gen Z who don’t want to carry or worry about their wallet, handbag, cash or backpack at every moment during their social calendar.”

The platform will also offer a fiat conversion option, so merchants will have the option to not hold Dash if they choose not to. The prototype for Festy will be unveiled Friday at the Opera Incubator in Cork, Ireland. Wide release is scheduled for the end of Q3 of this year.

Leveraging Dash to dramatically reduce fees and risk

In addition to making payments convenient for festival goers, Festy also improves the experience on the merchant’s end of the equation. By using Dash, payments are both instant and permanently settled, and far more inexpensive than traditional payment methods, according to de Barra:

“Our partnership with Dash makes the perfect payment solution for everyday transactions. Unlike existing traditional bank payments that take a 2-5% fee, there is no cost on receiving Dash for merchants. Merchants accepting payments will never have a chargeback, and there are potentially enormous savings to be made compared to the crippling fees from existing payment solutions. We believe this is the payment processor of the future.”

BitCart originally started out accepting Bitcoin payments for Amazon gift cards. However, after accepting Dash and using the two side-by-side, BitCart actually dropped Bitcoin functionality in favor of a Dash-only experience.

Dash’s adoption is on a sprint

Ahead of an ambitious scaling roadmap, starting with a 2mb block size increase in November, Dash is making strides in business adoption around the world. Hundreds of businesses are presently listed at DiscoverDash, increasing daily. This push is to give Dash a firm use advantage before the Evolution update makes digital currency easy to use by the masses.