Dash has been added to the BitAsset cryptocurrency exchange, including InstantSend support and introducing both Chinese yuan and Taiwanese dollar trading pairs.

Announced this week, Dash has been added to BitAsset, a Hong Kong-based cryptocurrency exchange, including fiat currency trading pairs, as well as InstantSend support, allowing users to have their deposits on to the platform recognized as confirmed instantly. This integration was negotiated by the Dash Next team, an adoption-focused group funded by the Dash treasury. According to Chase Gao, BitAsset’s founder, this partnership will help spread the adoption and accessibility of Dash globally:

“This is big news for BitAsset and Dash as both companies continue their mission to make cryptocurrency more accessible for everyone across the world. BitAsset forms a complete digital banking system similar to the fiat market with a professional team composed of more than 1,000 account managers to provide traders 24/7 advisory services and support.”

Notably, the integration into BitAsset comes with three fiat-denominated trading pairs: Dash/USDT, Dash/TWD and Dash/CNYT. The last two, with Taiwanese dollar and Chinese yen, open up support for new trading options to the Dash community in geographies that may have previously been underserved.

A notable addition to Asian markets

The addition of BitAsset complements a growing presence in Asia for Dash. This includes recent integrations such as BigOne, Hong Kong-based BitOffer, Vietnamese exchange Bvnex, and MBAEX. This complements the progress which has been made by regional adoption groups such as Dash Thailand, a sister group of Dash Next, including social platform Consentium, as well as onboarding scores of merchants in Thailand and driving consumer adoption to those merchants, marking a significant source of transactions on the Anypay merchant point-of-sale processor.

The growing list of InstantSend-enabled exchanges

BitAsset joins a growing list of exchanges that recognize Dash deposits as confirmed instantly. This includes over a dozen exchanges such as 3xbit, Bitbns, Bvnex, DigiFinex, IDAX, Kraken, Okex, and Panda Exchange, as well as brokerage services Changelly, CoinCola, and Uphold, with several more as yet to be verified. These exchanges enable fast arbitrage opportunities due to Dash withdrawals being able to be instantly re-deposited and recognized on a new exchange, as well as enhanced security due to the diminished utility in leaving coins on an exchange in order to quickly capitalize on trades.

Major US-based exchange Coinbase Pro notably added Dash recently, including recognizing Dash deposits as confirmed after two confirmations. While not instant, this nonetheless is a significant speed boost over competing currencies, further enhancing Dash’s prospects as a trader’s coin.