Cryptocurrency exchange Binance has added Dash trading pairs, expanding Dash’s market reach.

The Shangai-based exchange announced early Friday that it was integrating Dash into its platform:

The new listing will add Dash trading pairs for both Bitcoin and Ethereum. Binance is a cryptocurrency-only exchange with high trading volume for currencies that are traditionally popular in Asian markets, Neo in particular, which accounts for 13% of the exchange’s trading volume, ranking above Bitcoin.

Addition into a top-ten exchange solidifies Dash in Asian markets and globally

The addition of Dash to the Binance exchange solidifies its place as a top cryptocurrency. Currently, 6 out of the top 7 cryptocurrency exchanges by volume list Dash, lacking only Korean exchange Coinone. Binance currently ranks 7th for trading volume, coming in between Poloniex and Gdax. Coinone, Gdax, and BitFlyer are now the only exchanges in the top 10 to not yet list Dash, with a BitFlyer addition rumored.

This move solidifies Dash’s position in Asian markets. Recently, Asian exchange Quoinex, as well as its crypto-only counterpart Qryptos, recently added Dash, as well as Coin Rail and a rumored BitFlyer integration. Earlier this year, Japanese exchange Coincheck added Dash as well. Currently, Dash’s second-highest volume trading pair is with the Korean won on Bithumb, ranking behind Bitcoin.

Dash is solidifying its position as one of the most accessible cryptocurrencies

The ever-growing list of exchanges continues to build on Dash’s accessibility around the world. Dash is available to buy directly for fiat currency across a variety of peer-to-peer trading platforms, including Bisq, Wall of Coins, LiberalCoins, Dash Nearby, and Dashous. Wirex announced full Dash integration into its platform, which will lead to a strong buying on-ramp, as well as another Dash debit card, of which there are several (though some have experienced issues outside of Europe). The new Kuva Cash Project aims to bring easy access to Dash for cash in Zimbabwe, and Alt Thirty Six will exclusively integrate Dash into its payment processor, which could spread rapidly through the legal cannabis industry, which has been neglected by traditional processors. Finally, Festy aims to provide a Dash payment solution via contactless cards and wristbands at pubs and festivals around the world, while BitCart allows Dash users to access to all of’s offerings at a significant discount, despite service disruptions. Dash remains remarkably well-connected to various sectors of the global economy.