Cryptocurrency ATM company BGST has integrated Dash, almost doubling the number of Dash-supporting ATMs in the Netherlands and Belgium.


BGST ATM is a cryptocurrency ATM company started in 2014 and based out of the the Netherlands that is now integrating Dash. Prior to this, there were only five Dash ATMs in The Netherlands and only one Dash ATM in Belgium according to Coin ATM Radar. After the integration this week, BGST will add six ATMs in the Netherlands, four ATMs in Belgium, and one ATM in Ibiza to the network of Dash-supporting ATMs. BGST enables consumers to buy/sell €1000 per wallet per day before having to register, after which they can make purchases up to €10,000 per day.

BGST told Dash News that the motivation behind adding Dash was due to the fact that many of their users were requesting the coin to be added to their usual lineup. Additionally, they have found that ATMs close to the city centers and major train stations are the most popular locations. They also added that while exchange volume is still strong in Europe, they are seeing rising demand for ATM cash trades.

Targeting customers that need to deal in cash

While cryptocurrency ATMs may not be as easily accessible as online exchanges due to their physical presence requirement, their cash-based nature is nonetheless a natural fit for customers desiring privacy, that who do not have a bank account, those needing to deal in cash, or those who may simply be traveling.

While both the Netherlands and Belgium have relatively high financial inclusion rates, according to the The Global Findex Database 2017 by the World Bank, both countries also have pretty high immigrant populations. Immigrants are more likely than other individuals to not only not have bank accounts but also be looking for a cheaper and easier method to send remittances. Further, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Ibiza are popular tourism destinations, making these locations ripe for cryptocurrency adoption as using cryptocurrency during travel can save money and hassle dealing with currency exchanges.

Dash working for more adoption on-ramps

Beyond the BGST integration, Dash recognizes that a key to larger adoption is to provide as many on-ramps as possible to ensure that consumers and merchants have a simple time adopting Dash and cashing out if need be. Dash has been integrated into ATMs around the world, including iQCashNow, Cryptobuyer, CoinFlip and others. Cryptobuyer particularly stands out since the CEO has come out and publicly said that Dash repeatedly performs as one of their top coins. Also according to Crypto ATM Radar, Dash is integrated into 1,298 global cryptocurrency ATM location, or around 22.1% of the total around the world.

Further, Dash is a top choice for individuals looking to send remittances to other countries since it is incredibly fast and cheap, which offer significant advances over traditional remittance companies. Having more ATM locations in locations with high immigrant populations easily allow individuals to take their cash payments and send it back home for their relatives and friends where it can either be spent directly, depending on the location, or cashed out at different ATM locations.