Ben Swann has resurrected Truth in Media, announcing the project’s return with a viral video about Dash.

Former news anchor and independent investigative journalist Ben Swann rose to fame through his hard-hitting Reality Check news segments, which covered often underreported or controversial topics from an alternative perspective to that of major news organizations and pundits. The segment was taken down a year ago, along with all Swann’s social media accounts, following controversy surrounding some of his reporting. Now, thanks to an exclusive sponsorship by the Dash network through a treasury proposal, Reality Check will be returning. The redesigned Truth in Media website was taken back online yesterday, as well as all of Swann’s social media accounts, showcasing the new sponsorship.

Truth in Media’s debut video a viral Dash primer

Front and center on the new Truth in Media site, as well as on all social media accounts, is Swann’s announcement video, which covers the circumstances of his return. The video mentions his exclusive Dash sponsorship and outlines the basics of the project, including its censorship-resistant nature as a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). Swann also says that he believes that “Dash is the most technologically advanced of crypto” due to its InstantSend and PrivateSend features, as well as the upcoming Evolution platform.

At time of writing the video has seen modest success across several platforms, with over 2,500 YouTube views and over 3,000 on Instagram. On Facebook, however, the video has gone viral, with over 100,000 views and 1,400 shares in 15 hours, with more coming in rapidly. The video also reached the top of /r/Conspiracy on Reddit due to his mysterious disappearance one year ago.

A host of integrations and projects are coming to fruition

In addition to Swann’s acclaimed return, several other Dash projects have begun to show results. Most notably, Alt Thirty Six, a Dash-exclusive payment solution, is nearing public release, promising a fully-formed business solution including a point-of-sale app, legal compliance, tax calculation, accounting, payroll, easy integration into other systems, and more. Additionally, the system is set to debut in potentially thousands of cannabis dispensaries this year.

Other major developments include BlockCypher’s partnership with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory bringing Dash payments to a test run of using smart meters to buy and sell excess electricity, Neptune Dash publicly-traded Dash masternode company seeing record volume on the TSX-Venture exchange, and Dash-sponsored MMA fighter Rory MacDonald winning the Bellator Welterweight World Championship.