Brisbane International Airport in Australia is making history by becoming the first airport to have every merchant accept cryptocurrency.

Each merchant will accept a selection of cryptocurrency including Dash, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Nem, and Steem. The airport is located on the eastern side of Australia in Queensland, but also close to New South Wales and hosts over 17 million domestic and 5.8 million international passengers, annually. The move will grant even greater exposure for cryptocurrencies.

A video was made with Travelbybit, whom are providing the payment processing software, doing an official rollout of the cryptocurrency acceptance saying that “the merchants are really excited” and that they have “travelers from all over the world testing it out”. Representatives from Brisbane Airport Corporation, whom operate the airport, emphasized that it is important to give passengers a choice when traveling.

This move by the airport to expand consumer choices was launched within weeks of Australia being in the news for a government ban on cash purchases over $10,000 AUD. The move was a stated attempt to crack down on criminals, but is similar to the failed Indian policy implemented a few years ago that limited the choices and freedoms of individuals and hurt the poorest citizens the most.

Airports provide a gateway to larger cryptocurrency adoption

Cryptocurrency has flourished in online spaces due to its very decentralized nature and tech-savvy supporters, but has had, comparatively, less successful adoption in physical storefronts. An international airport provides a transition from the online world to the physical world due to the high volume traffic of different individuals arriving/departing from/to various locations carrying their online lives with them. Many consider traveling a stressful process from packing, travel arrangements, security, canceled flights, and a host of other obstacles. Naturally, any aspect that can be made easier will be welcomed by weary travelers.

Travelers are coming from all over Australia and outside of the country, which is normal for an island nation. This means that various currencies are not only more prevalent, but so is the need to exchange said currencies. Cryptocurrencies offer the ability to eliminate the currency exchange process for large and small purchases. So a traveler now faces an easier time to buy a snack and a magazine to nourish and entertain while waiting for one’s flight. This eliminates the need to waste time and money at exchange booths that charge excessive fees.

Even if consumers go cashless with a debit/credit card, they still have to pay excessive fees to make a currency exchange in the payment process, which cryptocurrencies can help save. Also, regardless of currency exchanges, card companies typically charge processing fees to merchants, which they pass onto customers. So either way, cryptocurrencies can save both merchants and consumers money at the airport. In all the above cases, the traveler will reach their destination with excess cryptocurrency and/or a memory of the ease that it provided and a desire to relive that experience outside the airport, which further increases adoption.

Dash recognizes the need of increasing adoption to a wider audience

Key to larger adoption is making a product that consumers can easily use and want to use. Dash is doing just that by going above and beyond providing a fast, cheap, and secure cryptocurrency. The unique governance and treasury system has allowed entrepreneurs in the Dash community to organize outreach events and meetups to further increase the Dash community. This is partly what led to the already large adoption of Dash in Australia, particularly around the Brisbane International Airport. Dash is providing a supportive and reliable community for both its online and offline users.

Cryptocurrencies are really new and the majority of the world’s population do not understand much about them. However, since Dash is able to pay for developers and outreach specialists alike, Dash is simultaneously able to communicate how it works to those that want to know, but also hide the complexity for those that simply want a smoothly operating product. This may seem contradictory, but actually allows Dash to satisfy the wishes of each unique consumer. Dash facilitates small and large transactions in everyday life because of its low transaction fees, fast confirmation times, and security. Consumers are then further motivated to use Dash because of how Dash satisfies each of their unique desires.