Atomic Wallet has recently integrated Dash into their “multi-asset wallet with cross-chain Atomic Swap exchange and decentralized orderbook”.

Dash Force News caught up with Atomic Wallet’s CEO Konstantin Gladych, aka the founder of Changelly, about Atomic Wallet’s goals and progress.

“We have two main goals. First of all, Atomic[‘s] team is [tasked with] development of secure, convenient, user friendly multi-assets solution. Also, our wallet works with built-in Atomic swap exchange and we are very interested in mass implementation of it. We truly believe in decentralized technologies of blockchain, and we want to introduce it to all of cryptocurrency enthusiasts.”

Atomic Wallet only released their alpha version this past April, but already feature over 300 coins and tokens. They are currently in late beta testing and boast more than 50,000 desktop downloads and over 20,000 monthly active users. They are planning to release an Android and iOS app soon and are exclusive partners with CoinMarketCap.

They saw Dash aligning very closely with their own goals and thus believed the integration would be a natural fit.

“We love Dash and all the ideas behind the project. As we can see, transaction[s] in Dash significantly surpass Bitcoin speed, while retaining high security level. Also, our goals [are] pretty similar — we want to build a crypto world, full of decentralized technologies without any third-party control. Dash has an active and dedicated community, which can be interested in using Atomic Wallet.”

Overall, they are working to enhance the decentralized nature of cryptocurrency as well as its adoption.

Finding ways to grow by overcoming barriers

Atomic Wallet is hoping to gain popularity by providing a great decentralized service that further secures users’ privacy for ever cheaper rates.

“Atomic Wallet is the first decentralized exchange solution with friendly UI and a bunch of major features: hardware wallets integration, dApps browser, Simplex credit card payment for crypto and instant exchange options. One of our big goals is to educate new people to use crypto everyday. We hope Dash community members will like it!”

Atomic Wallet added that they are committed to “work[ing] hard to develop a convenient solution for managing Dash portfolio and hopefully will add an Atomic swap option for Dash”.

Atomic Wallet also ascribes to a similar philosophy of Dash, which is that friendly user experiences and user interfaces (UX/UI) are necessary to increase adoption even further beyond tech savvy crypto purists. Switching costs, such as difficult usability, establishes barriers to entry for average consumers. While it can be argued that this consumer segment will not be specifically seeking out a decentralized exchange that features Atomic Swaps, increasing the appeal of cryptocurrency as much as possible is key to wider cryptocurrency adoption and usage. It can also be argued that a friendly UX/UI is even more important for services that pursue some of the original goals of cryptocurrency, to be decentralized and peer-to-peer by eliminating middlemen, in order to retain and satisfy as many of cryptocurrency’s core user segment as possible. Having multiple groups and entrepreneurs attempting to find solutions to increasing adoption and usability enhances the probability of finding answers and bettering the overall cryptocurrency community.

Dash community members pursue making cryptocurrency use easy for average consumers

Dash has been committed to being a decentralized, digital, peer-to-peer currency for everyday consumers in everyday transactions. Dash has record low transaction costs, extremely fast transaction confirmations, and great security, which is all necessary to use cryptocurrency in the physical world at brick-and-mortar storefronts, as well as in the digital world. However, Dash is supplementing this by focusing on making a very user friendly interfaces for the average consumer with Evolution, such as having usernames rather than cryptographic addresses to send and receive money.

Additionally, Dash also has an extensive network of community outreach groups and entrepreneurs to be on the ground talking with individuals to show them how Dash can solve their problems and answer any of their questions. This enables Dash to more holistically help individuals by not only solving their financial and economic problems, but by doing so in an easily understandable and pleasing way. It also allows Dash to get direct feedback from actual users of what they like and dislike so Dash can continuously evolve to keep the end consumers happy. This helps further ensure that Dash is continuously developed with the end users’ interests as a priority.