I am still searching for an easy to use, working Dash Point of Sale (POS) system to recommend to our readers.  This week I tested out AnyPay.global which is a new POS system developed by Steven Zeiler an entrepreneur living in New Hampshire.  AnyPay is being used in production in a retail store owned by Steven with a slow roll-out being planned for other businesses to ensure things go well.

Anypay.global POS system

Anypay.global POS system

AnyPay is very easy to use.  Just sign up at the website and you can start accepting Dash payments.  It works on just about any device as you are using the website.  It is a very basic system to accept Dash by entering USD in the payment screen.

AnyPay Featres

AnyPay Features

While the main website is well designed and graphically pleasing the “work” part of the site is very bare bones and simple to use.  To begin accepting payments you click on “Merchant Point Of Sale App” and starting taking payments.

Clear easy to use menu system

Clear easy to use menu system

You enter the amount to be paid.

Click on “Collect …” at the bottom and a QR code is generated in a few seconds.

QR Code

QR Code

Almost immediately you will see the payment has been received.

Going back to the menu if you click on invoices you will see a listing of invoices and their status.

Payment Listing

Payment Listing

I interviewed Steven about the system to understand what his plans are.

Your website is shiny (actually very nicely done) on the outside – but plain on the inside – it looks more like android app screens — do you have an app yet or just the website version?

AnyPay Point of Sale System is designed for mobile devices present at physical retail stores, so naturally we aim to provide the best possible tablet / phone experience.  Currently the POS tool runs in the web and is optimized for a great mobile  web experience.

Is there a demo site?

There is a live site ready which early adopters are encouraged to try out. It uses the live DASH network, so only send money you can afford to lose 😉

My understanding is that you are doing a limited live beta testing in NH (Are you the bitcoin store that I have heard about on Free Talk Live?)

Yes my partner and I operate the Free State Bitcoin Shoppe in Portsmouth NH.

Is the system “in production” at this time?  How many locations?

Our first “production” retail store now is the Free State Bitcoin Shoppe in Portsmouth. A few other stores in the Keene NH area are preparing a pilot trial.

Are you open for more stores to sign up and begin using the system?

Yes please I invite any businesses hoping to accept DASH to visit
https://admin.anypay.global/register to get started.

How does the back end work —  I sell something for .5 Dash through the “Merchant Point Of Sale App” link then what happens?

The back end works by grouping your DASH payments and paying you once per day.  We aim to retain zero fees for Dash-only transactions, at this time there are no fees for DASH payouts.

Are there plans for fiat exchange?  Multi coin support?

For businesses interested in US Dollar bank transfers we are authorized to offer ACH bank payments and will convert Dash to Dollars once per day.  AnyPay is focused on providing the best DASH point of sale system on the market and no plans exist to support other coins.

Tell us a little about your development background?

Building software energizes and excites me as words I type become productive machines that effect the real world.  I started learning to code as a teenager and began working professionally as a ruby-focused web developer when I was twenty one.  

Since then I have built software for several small and large software businesses, including Cars.com, SoundTracking, and Ripple.  At Ripple I led an engineering team that developed the company’s first peer-to-peer banking software application.

For applications I use primarily Node.js, as well as Docker & Chef for infrastructure automation. I am also using the BlockCypher Dash API’s.

What was your motivation for this project?

I am keenly interested in promoting crypto in my community and around the world, in order to increase wealth and prosperity for everyone. Over the past five years I have set up hundreds of people and dozens of businesses with Bitcoin wallets and taught them to use crypto currency. 

When did you get into crypto / Dash?

I learned about Dash about two years ago when I was working as a software engineer at Ripple in San Francisco.  My team focused on byzantine consensus in a decentralized financial system, and the DASH masternode network attracted my attention as a sustainable model for financing a free and decentralized computing network.

For a few years before that I was an avid Bitcoin user when I discovered it enables us to transact global free trade.



  • The system works!
  • Free for Dash to Dash use.
  • Works on any hardware with a web browser.
  • Very fast payment confirmation.
  • Payments work while logged out so no cashier access to admin functionality.


  • Merchant admin and Payment screen are on same device in a single application.
  • Single currency only USD.
  • Doesn’t work with InstantSend (still very fast thanks to BlockCypher.)
  • No navigation in admin menu – you have to use the back button on browser.
  • Invoice screen doesn’t show original fiat value only Dash amount.
  • At this early stage Steven is the support person so you may have to wait if you need help.

While writing this article I was in contact with Steven and asked about InstantSend causing my first transaction to fail.  I am happy to report that as of 9pm last night you can now use InstantSend.  He also told me that they do have an app under development that will separate out the payment functionality.  At this point I can not verify how well the “daily merchant payout” works but I am pretty sure that should not be an issue.  This could be the first general use system I can recommend as the next step up from an simple wallet.  I will keep you posted in the comments.