Anker, the Africa-based platform integrated consumer and merchant platform, has added Dash to its cryptocurrency wallet and point-of-sale solution.

Based in Cape Town, South Africa, the Anker platform is a cryptocurrency multi-coin wallet solution, which includes in-wallet conversion tools as well as staking rewards for its native ANK token, as well as a merchant device and app which includes conversion to fiat currency to avoid volatility. The addition of Dash to the platform was highlighted last week. According to Anker, the point-of-sale system can also enable merchants to serve as buyers and sellers of cryptocurrency:

“The AnkerPOS application is an all in one crypto acceptance application that allow institutions, shop owners merchants and vendors to easily and readily accept crypto payments. The buy function can be used to turn any shop or store into a crypto over the counter trading desk.”

Anker additionally manufactures ATMs, and claims to be Africa’s first cryptocurrency ATM manufacturer. At this time one Anker ATM is listed in Cape Town. At this time it reportedly only supports Bitcoin.

Approaching a Dash-echoing username system

Notably, the Anker wallet seeks to cut down on a significant source of friction for cryptocurrencies: long cryptographic addresses. According to a post released earlier this year, Anker users can tie accounts to email addresses, allowing users to simply enter the destination user’s email address to send, with the cryptographic part of the transaction appearing back-end:

“Firstly, we started with email send and digital identities. These are, as they were, the most concerning and solves multiple problems at once. So we created a solution that will have remarkably strong traits among regular users and large corporations. It allows users to send using the receivers email address.”

This focus on usable usernames instead of traditional addresses echoes Dash Platform, formerly codenamed Evolution, a full-fledged decentralized platform conceptualized in 2015 to provide blockchain usernames, allowing users to easily transact without trusting a third party with either control over their funds or the infrastructure to easily link them. Platform is slated for release on testnet in the coming months, and recently introduced a sidechain to record data state transitions without overburdening the main blockchain.

In addition to Anker, other projects have similarly seen the value in pursuing a user-friendly username transaction setup. The newly-launched Tim Draper-backed Unstoppable Domains contains a domain name service on the Ethereum blockchain, including the association of multiple cryptocurrency addresses from different coins to a single web domain.