Alt Thirty Six (Alt36), the POS system geared towards cannabis companies in the United States and partnered with Dash, has released their August update via video.

In the video, Lauren Murphy, co-founder and president, touched on the conferences that they will be attending in the coming months, which has changed from a few months ago in order to better optimize their outreach to key influencers. She also discussed the regulatory and compliance environment that they are navigating, which includes the required applications for money transmitter licenses. Unfortunately, each money transmitter license has to be done state-by-state and can only be applied for one state at a time. However, they are also exploring a beta program by Washington State that allows their money transmitter license to be recognized by the other states in the program.

They also discussed their B2B plans to further their integration and marketing with CannTrade, the cannabis wholesale platform, to get new clients on the system. Their B2C strategy is split into both physical POS usage and eCommerce transactions. They also highlighted that they will be updating their user interface to make the experience as enjoyable as possible in order to get the most amount of users as possible. In the video, Lauren said that they “will be putting together a demo for the network”, but “just wanted to make sure it had the most updated UI”. She said they hope to release a demo “in the next couple weeks”, “probably two to three weeks, if everything with the design and implementation of the UI goes well”. The demo will display the different user experiences whether it is a business or consumer transacting online and hope to show the demo in their September update.

Providing consumers with solutions

Alt Thirty Six is striving to bring cryptocurrency adoption to the marijuana industry since the industry is currently shut out from the traditional banking infrastructure due to the semi-illegal status of cannabis. Alt36 is exclusively partnered with Dash to use Dash in their platform, which is ideal since cannabis retailers need payments that are as fast as cash, but more secure and easier to manage; a perfect role for Dash Digital Cash.

With all the security, internal theft, all the issues and expenses associated with theft; they will be able to take that out of the equations with transacting on CannTrade and Alt Thirty Six.”

As Alt36 mentioned above, they are furthering their B2B and B2C developments to provide unique services to each party. Alt36 previously talked with Dash Force News about their different rollout strategies.

“Business to business transactions will be our initial focus through our integration partner CannTrade. We’ve been working with beta clients and will soon be able to onboard them via the CannTrade system to begin transacting using Dash with other vendors within state lines. Several factors contribute to the roll out strategy of the Alt Thirty Six + Dash platform, the two primary being compliance and integrators such as CannTrade. Arizona and California are the first two states we will be working with, as we perfect the process we will be bringing on additional integration partners such as licensed Point of Sale providers and other online platforms

As Lauren also highlighted in the video, they are revamping their user interface to make their system easily usable for merchants and consumers. This further encourages merchants and consumers to use the platform and Dash since it will make their transaction process as easy as possible, in addition to saving and securing money since they no longer have to use cash.

Dash enables everyday usage around the world

Alt36 is leveraging Dash’s record fast transaction speeds, low transaction costs, and security to allow merchants and consumers to easily purchase cannabis where a banking alternative does not exist. Dash is also actively funding cannabis research through Medicinal Genomics to help map the cannabis genome to protect entrepreneurs, improve growing standards, and improve the seed-to-sale tracking system. This exemplifies how Dash helps individuals in the first world, in addition to individuals in third world nations that are suffering from inflation and/or lack of banking infrastructure.

To further exemplify Dash’s diversity of appeal, one would just have to look at New Hampshire, German-speaking Europe, the UK, Australia, and other first world nations where Dash adoption is thriving. Dash provides a more affordable, reliable, and safer alternative to other payment methods that currently exist and are prone to leaking information. Dash is staged for larger growth and adoption since it will grow as Alt36 grows its merchant and consumer network and individuals discover the usefulness of Dash.