A manufacturer of parachutes for aircraft has begun accepting Dash, making several product lines Dash-only.

Strong Enterprises recently added cryptocurrency payment options, and now accepts both Dash and Bitcoin. For specific product lines, Pilot Emergency Para-Cushions, Tandem, and Sport gear, Strong only accepts Dash. These are product lines used by Strong-sponsored airshow team Dash AeroSports, which is also sponsored by the Dash treasury. Dash AeroSports pilot Scott Farnsworth helped coordinate the integration.

Dash AeroSports targeting merchants for Dash

Since being contracted by Dash for a sponsorship, Dash AeroSports has negotiated with several local businesses to accept Dash payments. ByteFederal, a Florida-based Bitcoin ATM operator, added Dash functionality to eight of its ATMs under Farnsworth’s advice. They were also convinced to switch branding from Bitcoin to Dash on their ATMs, as can be seen on the new ninth machine in Key Largo.

According to Farnsworth, developing a relationship is the most important factor in pitching Dash integration:

“I develop the relationship first. Understand the entities current needs, but also what they desire to become. The question of “what do you want to become as a company in the future” opens an incredible insight to every level of structure, culture, vision within that unique organization.

I rely greatly on my experience as a small business owner to understand and find solutions to help these companies be successful in obtaining the vision of the future. Dash at that point becomes obvious through our discussion to help them obtain that vision. Our success has not been in “selling” dash for the present, but as a utility out of many to help the company succeed in accomplishing their vision.”

Dash-themed flight suits are here, plane wraps soon

In addition to helping out with the business adoption angle, Dash AeroSports is of course doing what they were originally contracted to do: promote Dash in the skies. Farnsworth recently tweeted out a picture of his new Dash-branded flight suit.

Next up will be aircraft wraps, which will once again be Dash-branded. These will be displayed at airshows all across the world.