Dash AeroSports, an aerobatic racing team headed by Scott Farnsworth, contracted with the Dash network to promote Dash at airshows around the world. One such outing was at the Experimental Aircraft Association’s Adventure Air Show in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

Masternode owner Jim O’Shea was present at the airshow, and was able to review the results of Dash AeroSports’ promotion firsthand. Dash Force News spoke with O’Shea about what he saw at the airshow.

Dash Force News: Did you vote for the Dash Aerosports proposal? Why or why not?

Jim O’Shea: I did vote for it. I was impressed by Scott’s proposal and thought it was a good idea. Then I also remembered when doge first got the stock car sponsored, and I thought how much cooler would it be to get a Jet racer.

Have you had second thoughts or are you pleased with your decision?

JOS: I am very pleased with my decision. Scott has clearly showed us he under promises and over-delivers. Evidence the numerous Dash ATMs in Florida now, and that was NOT in the proposal that I remember anyway.

What did you see at the Oshkosh airshow?

JOS: I saw a very professional setup with Scott and his team. In his words, when he is there he is working for the masternode owners, and it is true. I tried to invite him down to the vintage aircraft area to watch part of the show, but he said he had work to do, he needed to get more sponsors to accept Dash.

What, in your mind, was the main prospect of the project: raising awareness for Dash, or directly getting more users and merchants into Dash? Or both?

JOS: Both. They feed each other. Getting more merchants raises awareness, and more awareness makes it easier to get merchants.

How has Dash Aerosports done in this regard? Have you seen an appreciable return on investment for the Dash network?

JOS: Dash Aerosports has done well in this regard in my opinion, as for a ROI hard numbers are not available, we will have to assume that the awareness alone is worth it, and any merchants and ATMs added are over and above ROI.

What have you learned from Dash AeroSports’ performance, and how will it inform your future votes as a masternode owner?

JOS: When talking to people in the crowd, many are very interested in what Scott has to say about crypto and Dash. There were a lot of questions from the people in the crowd. Scott is knowledgeable and motivated to teach people. In the future when voting for proposals, I will research the proposal owner and give that research a heavier weight.