Last time around we looked at the biggest Dash haters who have gone out of their way to express negative opinions. Now, we’re looking on the bright side of life. Meet some of the industry players who have had the most nice things to say about Dash.

1: Robert Genito

No Dash fan list would be complete without Robert Genito, CEO of Genitrust, parent company of peer-to-peer cash-for-crypto trading platform Wall of Coins. Last year Wall of Coins was part of a treasury proposal to integrate Dash into its platform, including InstantSend functionality, to offer potentially the world’s fastest crypto buying experience. Since then Genito has been an irrepressible Dash fan, and has switched to using it as his main digital cash.

2: Anthony Di Iorio

Decentral and Jaxx CEO Anthony Di Iorio has long supported Dash on his platform as one of the many tokens supported by the Jaxx wallet. However, after working closely with the Dash community after some rough experiences with getting a wallet into the iPhone App Store, Di Iorio came to grow fond of said community.

3: Charlie Shrem

Early Bitcoin pioneer Charlie Shrem has been known for his ongoing dedication to the first great cryptocurrency. What’s decidedly more recent is his use of Dash. Earlier this year he approached the community with a proposal to make a Dash-branded debit card. Since then he has spoken about Dash in articles and interviews, and now works for Di Iorio’s company Jaxx.

4: Roger Ver

Finally, one of the largest figures in Bitcoin lore, Roger Ver has been with cryptocurrency since the beginning, acting as the first major investor in Bitcoin startups and as a serial entrepreneur in the space. While his heart firmly resides with Bitcoin for the time being, he has spoken fondly of Dash before, including its current usability as a peer-to-peer digital cash reminiscent of Bitcoin’s early days.