Dash is accepted as payment at over 300 businesses around the world, with more likely on their way thanks to a new blockchain grant program.

DiscoverDash, a business listing and main street adoption-geared site run by the Dash Force, currently lists over 300 businesses worldwide that accept Dash. These range from organic farms to cafes to health practices, and many more categories, all across North and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia. Combined with BitCart, a service exclusively supporting Dash that allows customers to buy Amazon.com gift cards at a 15% discount, this makes Dash one of the most practical and usable cryptocurrencies in existence.

More companies to come soon thanks to Dash-BlockCypher grant partnership

The recent growth in businesses accepting Dash may very well be only the beginning in a large adoption push. Leveraging a strategic partnership with BlockCypher, Dash is offering blockchain grants to interested companies and businesses. The grant program provides consulting and support to enterprises and startups seeking to implement blockchain technology into their model. Because of its position in this grant partnership, Dash is uniquely poised to be the first recommendation for a blockchain technology to be implement for a startup. As a result, the grant program will likely lead to a host of new businesses accepting Dash.

Dash stands as the strongest digital cash player to date

At present, Dash is likely the most useful digital cash technology in existence, along the lines of what Satoshi Nakamoto, Bitcoin’s enigmatic creator, envisioned: a peer-to-peer electronic cash system. Dash consistently ranks the lowest in fees in the cryptocurrency world, and has a comprehensive roadmap for mass-market on-chain scaling, as well as a consistent commitment to privacy. Additionally, the upcoming Evolution update is set to provide a very smooth and user-friendly experience for the average person at the protocol level, rather than relying on a third party service to provide a bank-like experience.