This year has been a whirlwind of change and progress for the Dash community, and we’re using the holiday season to reflect on the 12 largest and most important achievements for Dash over the past year. Did we miss any important ones? Let us know in the comments!

1: Dash Scaling Roadmap, Dash Labs and Dash Force creation

The Dash Core team released a long-term scaling roadmap for Dash to lay the groundwork for massive on-chain scaling. Additionally, two separate major groups under the Dash DAO, Dash Force and Dash Labs, were founded.

2: Dash Open House and London Conference

Dash Core held an open house at the first Dash offices in Scottsdale, Arizona this spring, and a first Dash-dedicated conference in London this fall.

3: BlockCypher Partnership and Grant Program

Dash formed a strategic partnership with BlockCypher, the world’s leading web services API for blockchain technology, including a blockchain grant program to provide assistance to organizations and enterprises seeking to integrate Dash.

4: Dash Force One

The Dash community sponsored its own aerobatic racing jet, dubbed Dash Force One, to promote Dash at air racing events around the world.

5: Great American Pilgrimage

In what was the single largest cryptocurrency sponsorship to date, the Dash network sponsored the Great American Pilgrimage show with Stephen Baldwin and Max Keiser.

6: ASU Blockchain Research Lab

Dash has partnered with Arizona State University to build a new blockchain research lab, giving academic research to blockchain technology outside of Bitcoin, in particular Dash.

7: Dash Venezuela Outreach

The Dash Caracas team has successfully led a series of conferences in Venezuela to promote the cryptocurrency and increase its adoption among merchants, drawing hundreds at each conference.

8: Over 500 Businesses on DiscoverDash

The ongoing listing of Dash-accepting businesses around the world, DiscoverDash, has listed well over 500 businesses, indicating a growing global ecosystem.

9: InstantSend Exploit Fix

A very limited edge case exploit for InstantSend was discovered. The InstantSend spork was immediately turned off, and a fix to the exploit was quickly rolled out, and is now activated.

10: Block Size Increase, Fee Reduction

With the 12.2 update, Dash’s block size was increased, and fees were reduced 10x, resulting in plenty of capacity for cheap and plentiful on-chain transactions.

11: Uphold Exchange and Dash Salary Enabling

Dash was added to Uphold, which enables users around the world to very quickly and easily buy Dash with bank transfer or credit card. Thanks to a strategic partnership with Bitwage, this also allows workers to receive their salary in Dash.

12: 150x Price Gain, $10 Million Monthly Treasury

Last but certainly not least, Dash experienced a monumental rise in price, going from about $10 per coin to passing $1,500 over the course of a year, resulting in a monthly available treasury of $10 million.