While the majority of blockchain news coverage this week is focused elsewhere, the DASH Caracas Conferences Cycle held their eighth conference in Caracas, Venezuela this past Saturday, May 12.

Dash Force News spoke with Eugenia Alcalá Sucre, founder of DASH Caracas and DASH Venezuela about the event. The entire conference cycle, which holds one conference each month for a year, is entitle “DASH – Digital Cash and other cryptocurrencies for entrepreneurs”. This conference was entitled “Legal status of DASH – Digital Cash and other cryptocurrencies’ mining, trading and adopting in Venezuela”. The team had lawyer Ruben Guía Chirino in attendance on a panel to answer legal questions around cryptocurrency.

The event then had DASH Merchant Venezuela on stage to celebrate and talk about their recent financing from the DASH DAO followed up with Agrocognitive. After that, DASH City opened for business with Eugenia and her team concurrently holding “a press meeting, where [they] answered the questions of several journalist who had already live[d] the experience of [the] event. Finally, in the afternoon, they held the “Interactive Tables”, which showed a “video about what is blockchain, cryptocurrencies and DASH, how to buy and sell DASH, and how to accept it, and then people approached the team that [were at] the tables, so they could resolve their doubts and register as merchants”.

Growing Dash in Venezuela

Each conference bolsters a growing DASH City and this one was no different hosting 67 merchants and a theme dedicated to Mother’s Day. They had items that ranged from bags and hats with “palma de moriche” (a tradition in Venezuela), food products without sugar, dairy or chemicals, and 11 social entrepreneurs, “who do social work in [the] country to help the people with less access to resources of any kind”. The significant growth of the event has singled the need for more Dash involvement even though the organization is nearing the end of its original term.

“Our cycle (the first promise we made to the DASH DAO) ends in September 2018, that is also the 1st anniversary of DASH Caracas, so we are planning a big event of closure.”

Eugenia and her team developed the idea of DASH Venezuela to carry the torch onward into the future.

“We want to continue with other kind[s] of activities to keep boosting DASH adoption in Venezuela, such as touring in other cities of Venezuela, or participating in ordinary entrepreneur[ial] fairs.”

Since they were working with limited funds, but still had to put in long extra hours to extend help to numerous energetic Dash community members, Eugenia’s team developed four programs to help compensate their time taken away from other activities.

  • First program – Communities: Focuses on teaching other communities how to operate Dash meetups and small events. They offer this free of charge since the Dash communities are just getting started. As they grow, such as DASH Maracay, DASH Guayana or DASH PLC they teach them how to submit proposals and run larger events such as conferences and DASH City.
  • Second Program – Entrepreneurs: The team teaches merchants how to accept Dash. Due to the “implications of this, including technical and legal implications”, Eugenia said that they have “highly qualified people to do this”. The funds for this comes from the communities program since they view it as “preparation for DASH City”.
  • Third Program – Proposals: The team helps other individuals and teams submit proposals and do PR to properly inform the MNOs about their project. The team also attempts “to pass on to them values of collaboration and transparency, as fundamentals of being good members of the DASH Community”. Eugenia is the lead for this program “having helped projects such as Cryptolifex, DASH Help, DASH Maracay, among others”.
  • Fourth Program – Companies: Eugenia said that they “teach companies not only how to accept DASH as payments, but also how to use it as a solution for [their other] problems, such as import/export, treasury and human resources.”

Dash has seen very rapid adoption in Venezuela, in part due to the poor monetary and fiscal situation that the government has caused. However, Eugenia, her team, DASH Caracas, other team members, volunteers, and even users and proponents of Dash have successful campaigned for Dash to become the rapidly growing currency in Venezuela that it is today.

Dash solves problems

It is important to remember that one of the chief reasons that cryptocurrency was invented was to free individuals from poor government policies and excessive bank charges. Dash is on the ground enacting those changes, right now, across the world. Dash can utilize its treasury system to help kick-start projects that enhance the use cases of Dash and spread knowledge of Dash. However, in addition, are dedicated Dash teams and proponents that are not funded, yet nevertheless advance the causes of Dash because they believe in the consistently low fees, fast confirmation times, and security.

Anyone can view the Dash proposals that are submitted and which are funded and not funded. Dash is able to clearly communicate and execute its development goals and progress. Dash Force News further aids in covering recent news around Dash and cryptocurrencies to keep the community informed of a diversity of topics. Dash has demonstrated its commitment to being a cryptocurrency that steadily works towards the original goals of cryptocurrency to help individuals escape from poor economic, monetary, and fiscal situations.