Last month, the Dash Venezuela team requested and received funding from the network to host a sixth conference in Caracas, Venezuela. The conference will take place on March 31 and the facility has room for up to 600 attendees. Additionally, the Dash Venezuela team has been invited to speak at another event called “Help! There’s cryptocurrency in my soup!” According to Dash Venezuela’s project manager, Eugenia Alcala, that event will have

“An audience of 250 people, who are stakeholders of important companies in Venezuela.”

Past performance

Brokerage firms will be quick to tell you that past performance does not guarantee future results. Yet, every mutual fund in the world provides interested buyers with statistics on the fund’s past performance. Why? Because the past doesn’t provide any guarantees about the future, but it can give us some pretty good hints as to what might happen.

In the case of Dash Venezuela, their past five events have given them a great deal of credibility in the community and have made great inroads in Venezuela. The team has been focusing the majority of their efforts on Venezuela’s capital of Caracas, which they hope to turn into a “Dash city.”

Fifth conference

Samuel Barbosa, Android developer for Dash Core, spoke at the fifth conference, giving a presentation entitled “How to Accept Payments in DASH – Digital Cash.” Barbosa followed up with a review of the event, posted on reddit. He writes:

“In Venezuela the scenario is very different tough, however, what I saw in this conference really surprised me and exceeded all my expectations. Just at the arrival, after being received by some of the organizers of the conference, they took me to a restaurant [and] not only the restaurant bill but also the driver was paid in Dash!

“After the talks of the conference, we had a whole Dash City (Ciudad Dash) setup in the floor above. The Dash City is a fair that happens in every conference (with 53 merchants this time) where you can buy food, art, clothing and even motorcycles from local entrepreneurs and the only method of payment is Dash!”

Dash, disrupting

Barbosa believes that Venezuela is ripe for the acceptance of digital cash due to the nation’s crippling hyperinflation. He writes:

“All this is possible and viable to be happening in Venezuela due to the following in my opinion: the situation of the economy really incentivizes the use of a currency that will not lose more than 2.000% (yes, it’s no a typo, I really mean Two Thousand percent) of its value over the year; the ability of Venezuelans to adapt and reinvent themselves and the hope, strength and happiness of this wonderful people despite their many daily difficulties. I really would like to congratulate the amazing team of Dash Venezuela for pushing blockchain education and Dash adoption throughout this country that really needs it NOW.”

Planning for future

Dash Venezuela is already planning for the future, having submitted a funding request to the network for a seventh Dash conference to take place on April 28. The team has been contacted by the manager of a local mall, the C.C. Galerías Los Naranjos, which intends to become the first “Dash Mall” in the world. The owners and managers of the mall’s 250 stores will be attending the event, learning how to accept Dash from their customers.