Lesson #1 - What Is a Blockchain?

Maybe you saw the word on the cover of The Economist. Or maybe you’ve seen it dropped on Bloomberg, Yahoo Finance, or even Wired. Wherever you heard it, it probably wasn’t explained to you very well. Let Amanda B. Johnson introduce you to the concept without using technical jargon or buzzwords in episode one of Dash School.

Lesson #2 - How Does a Blockchain Work?

So now you get the basics of what a blockchain is but how does it do what we say it does? Who gets to “write” to it, when, and why? How is a blockchain different from a good ol’ fashioned database? Amanda B. Johnson takes you there in lesson two of Dash School.

Lesson #3 - How Can a Blockchain Be a Monetary System?

You now understand the basics of a blockchain and how it functions what does that have to do with money? What is this business about blockchain networks being able to natively offer both currency and payments? Amanda B. Johnson explains in lesson three of Dash School.

Lesson #4 - How is Dash's Blockchain Funded & Governed?

Now that you grasp how a blockchain network can offer money-as-a-service, learn the various ways that Dash’s is organized — why and how we function as a DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) to serve up monetary services to customers. Amanda B. Johnson takes you there in lesson four of Dash School.

Lesson #5 - How Does Dash Offer Instant & Private Payments?

Did you know that Dash’s blockchain is the only one which offers both instant and private payments? True story. Learn how our unique “masternodes” make this possible in lesson five of Dash School, hosted by Amanda B. Johnson.

Lesson #6 - How Can Digital Cash Become Accessible to All?

So now that you get the full story — how Dash works — you want to know how we plan on making this stuff usable to the average consumer. Glad you asked! This sixth and final lesson of Dash School, hosted by Amanda B. Johnson, introduces “Evolution” the product we predict will put digital cash into the hands of the average person for the first time.