Dash announced a strategic partnership with Kripto Mobile to expand Dash’s user base in Latin America.

In a partnership officially launched at the most recent Dash conference in Caracas, Venezuela last month, Kripto Mobile Corporation (KRIP) announced an exclusive deal with Dash for a new line of cryptocurrency-enabled mobile phones, targeted to Latin America. According to Luis Sosa, Kripto Mobile’s co-founder, this partnership will expand Dash usage as a currency, particularly among unbanked populations:

“We are seeing an incredible transition period in Latin America with those who are unbanked, underbanked, or simply do not want to use the traditional banking system. Combining our accessible, affordable phones with Dash’s InstantSend transaction capabilities and low fees will provide a myriad of benefits to these communities. And with the addition of Bitrefill and other Dash apps, such as the Dash wallet, to our phones right out of the box, there’s simply no easier way to start using cryptocurrencies like Dash in everyday life.”

Each Kripto Mobile phone in Latin America will come with a Dash paper wallet, allowing users to instantly start using Dash. The phones retail for under $100 USD, making them an affordable option as well.

New partnership closes the adoption loop to getting new Dash users

The new partnership with Kripto Mobile will close the adoption loop and help create new Dash users, not only investors or recipients of one-time giveaways. Dash Core’s head of business development Bradley Zastrow noted how the partnership will give new users everything they need to become consistent users:

“The road to mainstream adoption will take more than sporadic airdrops or similar giveaways. What makes the KRIP phone so unique, beyond being a great smartphone at a good price, is that it makes this user experience a central part of using a cell phone. Right out of the box, even users who have never interacted with cryptocurrencies have everything they need, and by working closely with the Dash community and Dash Help Me, new users have the necessary support structure in place should they need assistance. The critical element to moving to mainstream is the need for removing the friction that exists today with the cryptocurrency experience. We’re doing that with the KRIP phones.”

With the paper wallets and apps pre-loaded on the Kripto Mobile phones, users will be able to immediately have Dash and hold, spend it on real goods and services, acquire more, and contact support for further questions, all from a single device, drastically reducing gaps and barriers to Dash use.

Venezuela is primed for a Dash explosion

Dash is in a prime position to capitalize on mass adoption in Venezuela. At time of writing, 1,033 merchants listed on DiscoverDash in Venezuela accept Dash payments. Dash Merchant Venezuela’s head of business development Alejandro Echeverría believes that Kripto Mobile phones will have a strong effect on accelerating adoption in his country:

“[Kripto Mobile will have a] very positive effect, they are so, so cheap that it is a good deal for everybody. I think they will be the cheapest smartphones on the market right now. Also, having the Dash wallet pre-installed and a tip already will help a lot with adoption. Besides, the alliance with Dash Help makes it more solid.”

According to Echeverría, the addition of Kripto Mobile is merely another part of Dash’s overarching strategy to mass adoption in Venezuela, which is entering the second stage in its three-step plan:

“As I always have stated, we have to follow our strategy. Stage 1 was merchant adoption, and we will keep doing it, but now we will focus on important merchants for people on a daily basis: food. Now, Stage 2 is: get Dash into people’s hands. For this we are working on a remittance project, with more details coming soon. And then, Stage 3 (simultaneously with Stage 1 and 2): incentivizing the consumption with discounts, promotion, loyalty programs. Besides that, we must keep the promotional efforts: we are also working on a campaign for social media where we will use important influencers. This will help create awareness and engagement with the brand. We are working with Fernando [Gutierrez] from Core to make this happen. Working aligned with the strategy will help us achieve adoption in the most organic way. Real usage needs real strategies, not just airdrops.”