This is a video repost of an interview from our YouTube channel with Yuri and Jeff from Dash Nexus. It’s a very in-depth video where we explore the progress and exclusive never-seen-before developments from Dash Nexus team. Details included upcoming releases, information about the decision to develop a progressive web app and what that means for end-users, as well as talking about future plans beyond the current MVP phase. Jeff discusses Nexus API, upcoming governance DIPs, and a whole bunch more.

There’s a lot to see and learn about Dash Nexus’s recent project developments. Please see the video timestamps below to pinpoint areas of interest.

⏱ Video Timestamps
🚩 00:41 What is Dash Nexus?
🚩 01:37 How is Dash Nexus different to Dash Central?
🚩 03:22 Leaderboard Demo
🚩 12:40 Sign-Up / login Demo
🚩 15:17 Proposal Explorer Demo
🚩 31:16 Proposal Creator Demo
🚩 48:00 Proposal Budget Options Demo
🚩 1:09:25 Proposal Detail View Demo
🚩 1:19:04 Proposal Comments – Moderating and Voting
🚩 1:26:53 Dash Nexus Translations
🚩 1:39:06 Dash Nexus Search Functions
🚩 1:44:28 Long Term Goals – Governance DIPs (Governance/Funding/RFP)
🚩 1:49:09 Long Term Goals – Desktop wallet integration
🚩 1:52:42 Dash Nexus API
🚩 1:54:54 Why the need for Dash Nexus?