Dash-based merchant platform Alt Thirty Six has announced its public launch, as well as a partnership with cannabis software provider WebJoint.

Funded in large part by the Dash treasury, Alt Thirty Six is a Dash-exclusive point-of-sale and comprehensive business solution startup. While the full scope of the platform includes a large range of functionality for a business to operate seamlessly on Dash, the platform’s first use case is targeted at the legal cannabis industry, much of which has faced banking problems. Alt Thirty Six announced its public launch this week with its new website:

Over the next few months, the company plans to roll out a series of partnerships with dispensaries and service providers, adding to the ever-growing list of Dash-accepting businesses.

WebJoint partnership to add Dash payments to 200 dispensaries

To kick off its launch, Alt Thirty Six first announced a partnership with cannabis-geared business software platform WebJoint:

WebJoint currently services over 200 businesses in California, with plans for expansion into nearby markets. By partnering with companies servicing the cannabis industry, Alt Thirty Six hopes to bring Dash adoption to businesses without necessitating the use of an entirely new platform, minimizing merchant disruption.

Dash global merchant adoption is poised to surge with over 1,100 merchants listed and counting

Dash is in a strong position to rapidly expand as a global currency. Last month, DiscoverDash listed over 1,000 businesses accepting Dash worldwide, with over 100 new listings added in the 18 days since then. Of these, 148 are presently listed in Venezuela, a country rapidly turning to Dash to avoid its currency crisis. 89 businesses listed in Australia accept Dash, as do 60 in Ukraine, and 62 in the small US state of New Hampshire. Over 27 businesses are listed in Portsmouth alone, with a population of around 20,000.