Dash’s masternode count has reached a new all-time high as the markets begin to recover.

Last December, Dash reached an all-time high of about $1,600 per coin. Over January and early February, the cryptocurrency markets collectively crashed, falling from an all-time high of $835 billion to a recent low of $279 billion. Dash similarly fell to a recent low of $382 during the first week of February, before joining the rest of the market in a recovery. Present price is about $700

Now, a new all-time high in masternodes has been achieved, reaching 4,719 for the first time.

Node count growth represents long-term confidence in the network

Of note during the market swings over the last few months is the stable, and increasing, count of masternodes. Aside from during protocol upgrades when the network can take a week or two to switch to the newest version, masternodes have retained a very stable, and constantly increasing, count over the years. In late December and early February, the node count dropped by about 200, falling to about 95% of its previous count. During the same time period, the price fell from about $1,600 to a brief low of $388, or just under 25% of its previous value. Now, Dash’s present price of $700 is around 44% of its previous all-time high, while its masternode count’s recent high of 4,719 is nearly 1% higher than its December high.

This information can be interpreted in a couple ways. First, it reflects the benefits that the masternode system has for relatively risk-averse investors. Whereas by strictly holding cryptocurrency during a dip traders risk losses, or must incur a certain amount of risk to sell and re-buy at a lower price to make a profit, masternode owners make recurring income for simply not moving their balance. This cancels out minor losses and lessens greater losses, and provides the same general effect as trading during dips (hoping to increase one’s Dash holdings even when the price drops) without the same risk.

Second, increasing node counts represent long-term confidence in the network. Each masternode has historically been valued in excess of $1 million, with prices quickly rising close to once again hitting that mark. Holders holding during times of soaring prices is understandable, however holding during dramatic drops, as well as buying even more at the bottom, indicates a belief that, long-term, the project will at least be a financial success.

Dash has had a fast-paced 2018

In addition to the growth of masternode counts, Dash has experienced rapid ecosystem growth during the new year. In January alone it claimed over 20 integrations and partnerships, a rate of 5 per week. Additionally, Dash has grown rapidly in places like Venezuela, with thousands attending conferences and nearly 100 new businesses accepting Dash.