Dash has had a very busy January, full of dozens of integrations and partnerships as 2018 begins with a quick start.

Though cryptocurrency markets, Dash included, have experienced a major pullback this year, on the development, promotion, and integration front the year has had a very strong start. At least a dozen platforms and services have announced Dash integrations in the first month of the year alone, amounting to about three per week, or close to one every other day. Quite a few promotional partnerships and other newsworthy events have happened as well, including two major media promotions coming to fruition.

A dozen new integrations, nearly one every other day

Foremost in this year’s success has been a series of at least a dozen integrations announced during January. Around the beginning of the month exchanges BitINKA and Bitcoin.vn added Dash, growing purchase options for Dash in Latin America and Vietnam, respectively. Bitnovo added Dash to its platform, enabling its purchase online for bank transfer or credit card, as well as at thousands of physical locations around Spain. Most importantly, as announced at the North American Bitcoin Conference, GoCoin, Piiko, and Strike Social added Dash, bringing integration to thousands of major online businesses ranging from movie tickets, real estate, mobile topups, social media marketing, and more.

The US Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory announced a partnership with BlockCypher to enable Dash payments for trading excess electricity in order to conserve energy. Mercury Cash added Dash for yet another avenue for purchase with debit card and bank transfer, and MorphToken also added it to its instant exchange platform. Finally, Bravo Pawn Systems announced a Dash integration into its platform, and WebMoney added Dash-linked notes to its settlement exchange.

A series of major promotional partnerships and other good news

In other partnership news, Dash has had a similarly spectacular start to the year. The Neptune Dash company, which exclusively operates in building and running Dash masternodes, went public on the Toronto Stock Exchange’s TSX-Venture exchange, reaching a record second place in trading volume. Dash donated $350,000 to a blockchain research laboratory at Arizona State University, setting up undergraduate and graduate-level programs in blockchain studies, as well as a scholarship program. Dash-sponsored MMA athlete Rory MacDonald won the Bellator Welterweight World Championship, garnering wide attention from the MMA world and setting a new precedent. Investigative journalist Ben Swann, after a year’s hiatus due to controversy surrounding his work, came back with exclusive Dash funding, with a viral video reaching nearly 600,000 views at time of writing outlining the basics of Dash to his audience. The New Hampshire Liberty Forum dropped Bitcoin as a payment option after seven years accepting it and went all Dash, including a high-level Dash sponsorship at the upcoming event, and the local famed Free State Bitcoin Shoppe also dropped Bitcoin, recommending Dash as the coin to use for purchases at local shops.

The Dash Squad group conducted a successful and wide-reaching range of outreach activities in Nigeria, adding over 800 new Dash wallets and onboarding several merchants at festivals. Dash Core released an exhaustive developer documentation portal to provide a comprehensive an detailed public resource on all things Dash. And, last but certainly not least, Alt Thirty Six outlined their soon-to-be-public release of an ambitious and comprehensive merchant solution initially targeted at the cannabis industry, with thousands of estimated dispensaries accepting Dash on the platform this year.