Dash is now the official sponsor of Dash Aerosports, an aerobatic air racing promotional team.

AircraftWraps owner and Dash investor Scott Farnsworth submitted a proposal to the masternode network to have Dash be the exclusive sponsor of the newly-branded Dash Aerosports. The proposal passed, meaning that aircraft wrapped in Dash decals will be performing at airshows around the world. In honor of the Dash Force, one of the two aircraft employed will be name Dash Force One.

Dash’s treasury system attracts the best in their field

Dash’s treasury system, which dedicates 10% of the newly minted coins to development and other projects when put to a masternode vote, is what initially attracted Farnsworth to Dash:

“I found the DAO and the initiatives being put into motion though the 45% 10% 45% setup. Genius! Built directly into the structure is the formula to achieve position number #1 within crypto and stay there. The 10% fund is a continuous upward propelling force.”

According to Farnsworth, promotional pursuits and other activities benefiting the network are not simply relegated to hobby status, but are able to be pursued professionally and full-time:

“Now you attract professional developers and marketers. Even those that treated these areas as a hobby now have the opportunity to elevate their game and become professional. Being paid for your skill or effort makes you a professional and now you must justify your salary from Dash. If you don’t, Dash has the ability to fire you. My place is in the Marketing portion of that 10% fund.”

Dash Aerosports aims to help bring Dash to mass adoption

Farnsworth was acquainted with Dash as an investor before seeking involvement through the treasury system. The combination of researching his investments and going over his racing results provoked an epiphany which gave way to Dash Aerosports:

“Being an investor I wanted to learn everything that I could about my investment. I’ve flown since I was 15 years old and achieved Airbus Captain position for a US Major Airline, but my passion is racing planes for the last 5 years. I’ve had great success with several victories against the best international pilots. I was literally watching some race video of me on one computer screen passively while digging into Dash content surfing through the internet. I kept reading the “Dash – fastest cryptocurrency” on one screen while my jet is racing 20 feet above the desert floor at 500mph on the other screen! “LIGHTBULB” moment!!! Dash – the Fastest Digital Cash and Jet Air Racing – the Fastest Sport on the Planet!”

Dash promotion is making headway into alternative audiences not typically approached by cryptocurrencies. Recently, the Circus City festival in Bristol received a Dash sponsorship as well. Farnsworth believes in Dash mass adoption, and sees an opportunity through airshow promotions to achieve this goal:

“Our proposal is public. Anyone that sees the numbers in relationship to our efforts, equipment and team structure will recognize that we are operating for Dash below cost. I plan to keep it that way for the time being. Dash will get maximum value for their provided funding. As the Dash increase in value we will add features or events to continue providing this relationship benefit. I’m not worried about that at this time. I’ve found one of the best challenges to date in my life…. mass adoption of Dash and the rise of Dash to the #1 spot in crypto or ANY OTHER digital payment system. I will be honored to play my small part in the rise of Dash. I can only promote what the developers create. I’m thankful to the core team and all the others involved for providing a product and community that I can promote with full engagement 24 hours a day. I hope to drive the value and price of Dash to new heights, benefiting every Dash user within our community. It’s truly an honor to be selected for such a position.”