The Dash Embassy D-A-CH, which stands for Deutschland (Germany), Austria (Austria), and Confoederatio Helvetica (Switzerland) recently opened their second physical location at Ausstellungsstraße 50 in Vienna, Austria.

In the press release, the team discussed that the second office will further contribute to their overall goals.

“The goals are to expand the dialogue with all those interested, to provide education about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology and to increase the acceptance of Dash as a form of payment in Austria.”

Klaus Hipfinger added how excited they are to use this new office to achieve their goals.

“We are happy that we can help corporations, merchants and users in Austria with our knowledge about blockchain technology, cryptocurrency and Dash. Every interested person is welcomed to work with the Dash Embassy D-A-CH to spur the adoption of Dash. Austrian merchants are a very important group for our integration outreach.”

Their first office was opened in Lübeck, Germany in February of 2018 and they hosted a variety of events in their office and online. They also emphasized how important the Austrian area has been to Dash adoption and cited the numerous partnerships they have penned with Coinfinity, Conda, Wolf Theiss and AustrianStartups.

On the ground footwork

There is a difference between passive and active advertising and engagement. Passive advertising typically relies on only advertising in ways that require the targeted user to not only find the advertised item, but to also make the decision themselves to actively engage and adopt the advertised item. However, active advertising and engagement takes the product to the buyer and actively convinces the user to adopt the product or service then and there. Dash Embassy D-A-CH is channeling the latter strategy by opening new offices, making new partnerships, and actively engaging with the community.

Cryptocurrencies are still relatively new and many people know very little about Bitcoin, let alone the many alternative cryptocurrencies like Dash. Thus, passive advertising is unlikely to work as it has not generated consumers seeking out Bitcoin, Dash, and other coins in a desire to participate in the sector. Cryptocurrencies have a learning curve that scares aware consumers not familiar with the technology. However, many consumers that are approached with an understandable solution to their problems tend to see how cryptocurrencies can benefit them.

Dash actively convinces people with solutions

Using its governance and treasury system, Dash is able to be on the ground in numerous countries talking with people face-to-face about their problems and how Dash provides a solution. In addition to the Dash Embassy D-A-CH, Dash has teams in Venezuela talking with individuals suffering from hyperinflation about how Dash can solve their wealth security problems and/or purchasing problems. This method has been so successful, that Venezuela has recently become the top Dash accepting area in the world. There are teams across Africa talking with individuals about how Dash solves their lack of banking penetration and payment problems. There are also teams in the UK, Asia, and growing everyday.

These teams are not only able to expose new potential users to Dash, but also able to explain Dash and cryptocurrencies in an understandable way. This lowers the switching costs for consumers and makes it easier for them to adopt Dash into their everyday lives. Dash’s ability to gain greater consumer exposure and adoption is because of its treasury proposal system where anyone can submit a proposal and is incentivized to benefit the Dash network by expanding its usage.