This past Monday, the Dash Embassy D-A-CH, hosted their first Road Show event at a local university to teach attendees about the history of money, cryptocurrency, and Dash.

Dash Force News talked with essra of Dash Embassy D-A-CH to get more information of the event. Their first event was hosted in Mittweida, Germany since the university has a blockchain center at the school and seemed like an ideal location for the first event. The event was open to the general public and the Dash Embassy team made sure to advertise it in the local media to get attendees of all ages. They had around 30 people in the audience, but have a goal of getting that up to 80 for the next few events.

Essra outlined that the talks are geared towards beginners that do not have much information and want to learn more about cryptocurrencies and Dash. First, they started off with a general history of money from the gold-backed dollar, to Bretton Woods, and then to its collapse and the current monetary system. They then go into a discussion on if the current monetary system is fair and what are some possible solutions. The talks then shift to the emergence of cryptocurrencies and the solutions it brings, but also discuss the scaling issues that accompany them. Here, they discuss Dash and how it provides the same solutions with the added benefit of being able to scale. Finally, they have professionals to come in and talk about cryptocurrencies in relation to the law. Overall, they gear the talks towards educating the public on Dash and cryptocurrencies.

Changing the narrative with education

Essra emphasized to Dash Force News that when Dash Embassy D-A-CH started, the “German-speaking headlines were about how Dash is used for illegal things on the Dark Web”, but now the headlines call “Dash the better cryptocurrency”. Essra added that it was just a matter of creating a better image by having personal representatives that could easily be reached by reporters to clarify questions and answers.

Essra also supported that claim by showing Dash Force News statistics, which will be featured in one of their upcoming reports, how Dash Embassy and their PR partnership pushed Dash ahead of Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Monero, IOTA, and EOS in the German-speaking media. The statistics measured article coverage and reach of articles to consumers; Dash was only second to Bitcoin.

Essra also summarized to Dash Force News information on the partnerships that they are constructing to increase the presence and knowledge of Dash in the D-A-CH region. A full list of their completed and planned integrations can be seen in their most recent Dash Watch report, one of which, CONDA, Dash Force News covered more in-depth in a past article. Essra also discussed their ambassador program in their most recent quarterly call. He told Dash Force News how Dash Embassy trains their ambassadors to run structured meetups that last two or three hours long so attendees maximize Dash learning at the meetups. He added that Dash Embassy provides the ambassadors with all the education materials they need, but only pay them based on the meetups they organize to properly incentivize them to conduct more and higher quality meetups for German-speaking consumers. Overall, Dash Embassy D-A-CH wants to make sure that they properly pitch Dash and educate consumers in the German, Austrian, and Swiss regions.

Dash enables education for consumer satisfaction

The recent actions by Dash Embassy D-A-CH and other Dash organizations demonstrates how Dash enables organizations to educate consumers about their monetary/financial problems and how Dash can provide solutions. Dash Embassy D-A-CH is reaching out to consumers to teach them how they can improve their lives with more sound money that they can actually control. Dash Venezuela and Dash Caracas are directly helping disenfranchised consumers that are suffering from hyperinflation by providing a more stable and usable alternative currency. There was even a Venezuelan NGO that accepted Dash as a donation to buy food for hungry children. Dash Hub Africa and Dash Africa are providing banking alternatives to consumers that either cannot afford to open a bank account or just don’t have access to banking institutions. Dash is also helping people in Zimbabwe escape the hyperinflation that their government created. There are also other organizations not mentioned that organize activities to introduce consumers to Dash and educate them about Dash since they may not even be aware it exists or that there are solutions to their problems.

The Dash treasury enables groups like these to get funded and community support to leverage their local knowledge to talk with strangers about their economic and financial problems and how Dash can provide solutions. This education and problem solving is not only beneficial from a human value perspective, but it also boosts user adoption of Dash more than if consumers had to discover and learn how to use Dash themselves. This is yet another reason to support the argument that Dash is focused on consumer user friendliness.