Dash’s DAO has funded the first news service run by a digital currency itself.

A project of the Dash Force community initiative, the newly-launched Dash Force News is a Dash-centered news site funded by Dash’s DAO, or decentralized autonomous organization.

The Dash Force is a DAO-funded community project meant to provide grassroots support and to grow the greater Dash ecosystem. The project runs several operations including online commentary participation, meetup management and incentives, grassroots business outreach, and other initiatives to grow Dash outside of the scope of the official core team. A community resource for news and general information was the next logical step.

Cryptocurrency’s first proprietary news site

Dash Force News serves as the first ever independent news site run with proceeds directly from a cryptocurrency’s coin supply itself. Rather than being run and funded by a cryptocurrency’s core development team, a nonprofit organization, or as a business, seeking funding directly from the Dash DAO allows the project to pull its support from the currency itself, while at the same time maintaining independence from the core team of founders and developers.

Conceived by Dash Force founder and longtime community member Mastermined, the publication was made possible by bringing on two newer Dash Force members, cryptocurrency journalist Joël Valenzuela as chief editor, and Dash international outreach coordinator Mark Mason as webmaster and public relations director.

According to Mark, this new DAO-funded model will ensure that Dash Force News delivers the content to serve the needs of the greater Dash community:

“Dash Force is funded by the Dash DAO so we are fully committed to the Dash community to deliver high calibre content and be on the front lines breaking exclusive news.”

A coverage gap for Dash

The creation of Dash Force News serves to fill a need in coverage for Dash. As the currency grows in popularity and market cap, it has nonetheless struggled to maintain the same consistency and depth of news coverage as other top coins. Mark sees the launch of this new publication as an opportunity to serve that need:

“I strongly believe Dash has the most genuine friendly community in the crypto space. Not only will Dash Force News fulfill a well needed solution for the Dash community it will also help amplify Dash to open doors to new audiences with the ultimate objective of wide spread adoption.”