Dash’s sponsorship of the Crypto Show has been renewed, and includes both a newly branded “Dash Cares” charity arm as well as a cross-border Dash-leveraging remittance service.

As Danny Sessom, co-host of the Crypto Show and a strong Dash advocate, the show has been a friend of Dash since 2014:

“We were fans of Dash when it was Dark Coin. Not long after the show started out of the first Texas bitcoin conference planning stages in 2014 we were mining bitcoin at Brave New Books as part of the sponsorship with Bitmain when Harlan the owner of Brave New Books started talking about Dark Coin which was also about the time it shot up to about 30 bucks. The store was already taking Bitcoin and Litecoin so Harlan thought Dark coin was a no brained. After the Dash transition I reached out to Philip aka Tungfa when I heard Evan talking about how he funded his appearance at the Latin American Bitcoin Conference.”

Additionally, what attracted Sessom to Dash was its ability to compensate him for the countless hours he spent promoting cryptocurrency, which he previously had done for free when promoting Bitcoin:

“I personally spent countless hours promoting bitcoin both people and businesses solely because I believed it was a better form of activism than voting. Obviously this cuts into your work time a bit so finding out about Dash and how I could be rewarded for my efforts by creating value for the network was huge for me.”

New “Dash Cares” to promote Dash as a force of good

The second aspect of the proposal covers continued charitable contributions, newly branded under the name “Dash Cares.” According to Sessom, focusing on charity provides a much-needed image overhaul for the cryptocurrency community, a world that has been traditionally saddled with negative connotations by the mainstream media:

“From the very beginning of the show we had always focused on different charity aspects to promote cryptocurrencies, because the mainstream narrative is always about drugs and other nefarious things. We’ve supported Free Ross from the very beginning because we feel it’s unjust the level of punishment for his role in the Silk Road. We also helped with other organizations like Capital Area Food Bank in Austin and WithoutRegrets.org, a charity that sends families with a terminally ill family member on vacation to spend some quality time together before that family member passes. It’s a great organization.”

Sessom believes that what makes Dash different is that, rather than simply being a tool employed by charities, in this case Dash itself can participate in, and be responsible for, doing a lot of good:

“Again that sets Dash apart from the rest. Other organizations like BitGive are able to simply use Bitcoin and different cryptocurrencies as a tool but the Dash community is directly responsible for what we were able to accomplish because they voted for it.”

A remittance service partnering with Bitso

Finally, the proposal includes the creation of a remittance system leveraging Dash for cross-border payments between the migrant communities in the US and their families in Mexico. The model would use Dash-branded ATMs located in central Texas and would partner with Mexican cryptocurrency exchange Bitso to facilitate the conversion on the Mexico side of the border. Last month the Crypto Show made contact with former Mexican president Vicente Fox and discussed the viability of a cross-border remittance service using cryptocurrency.