, an online t-shirt shop, has partnered with Dash Merchant to offer $10 USD from shirt purchases to help alleviate the pain of Venezuelans suffering from horrendous inflation and economic calamity.

In the announcement, they highlighted how Dash is able to help Venezuelans since it “allows the private sending of money at lightning-fast speeds” and it is “backed by blockchains, and has tiny transaction fees and a high amount of liquidity”. The blog post further emphasized Dash’s ability to alleviate the pain Venezuelans are facing.

“Dash has the ability to help people in Venezuela accomplish what we would consider normal, every day tasks in a more secure manner, one that doesn’t rely on government-manipulated fiat currency.”

The suffering that everyday Venezuelans are going through motivated Scofflaws to find additional ways to help Venezuelans.

“If you purchase a shirt from our Free the Market, Empower People line of products, 10 dollars of your purchase will go directly to people working to spread sound money across the country of Venezuela. This includes helping educate Venezuelan consumers and businesses about Dash and set them up to start using it as a currency, increasing its adoption in the country.”

They also highlighted how furthering Dash adoption in Venezuela “not only further[s] Libertarian interests in breaking the financial monopoly of oppressive governments, but directly improve[s] the lives of Venezuelan people desperately searching for money that actually works for them instead of at their expense.”

Dash and cryptocurrencies help individuals more efficiently

Raising money for organizations can be a tricky scenario since there have been plenty of instances where the money was not appropriated as promised or it was done inefficiently. The information age has provided some solutions to donation fraud with online reviews, but fraud still occurs nevertheless. The revolutionary feature of Dash and cryptocurrencies is that all transactions can be tracked and verified on the public blockchain. This significantly reduces the chance of fraud, reduces wasted money, and ensures that more money goes towards the intended parties.

Scofflaws’ focus on Venezuela further highlights how Dash and cryptocurrencies are able to directly help individuals in need. The most obvious benefit of Dash is a guard against inflation since the Venezuelan Bolivar is suffering from dramatic inflation that could reach one million percent at the end of the year. Dash and cryptocurrencies, being independent from central banks and government manipulation, allow individuals to gain more control over their monetary and fiscal lives since they are better able to maintain their purchasing power from one day to the next. Then, a second benefit is helping the unbanked since there are over 1.7 billion adults around the world without a financial institution account. Dash and cryptocurrencies solve this by providing a safe outlet for individuals to store their money and wealth while still paying record low costs.

Providing individuals with sound money and an inexpensive, safe, and reliable way to transact allows individuals to improve their lives by having more control and security over making everyday necessary purchases such as buying food, clothing, and shelter. Dash enables these actions because of its core structure, but also because of its community.

Dash helps individuals through multiple channels

Dash is structured to have 10% of mining rewards go to its DAO Treasury to fund various proposals each month. This enables the community to professionally pay a development team that ensures Dash maintains its record low transaction costs, fast confirmation times, and security to benefit those that need an escape from inflation or limited banking services. The treasury also enables Dash to fund various projects to benefit those in need by providing more monetary and financial freedom, such as the communities spreading Dash around Venezuela. This has enabled Dash to already be accepted at over 900 merchant locations in Venezuela, which further enables Dash’s usability, and thus helpfulness, in the everyday lives of Venezuelans.

However, Dash’s overall community also plays a significant role in donating to other groups in need, which has been demonstrated through the recent treasury funding adversity created by low fiat exchange prices. Recently, the Dash community has come together to crowdfund projects that were unable to get funded via the treasury. Quickly, the demand became so high that DashDonates emerged to be a hub for crowdfunding within the Dash community. Additionally, the Dash community is even more charitable by directly donating to an NGO to help feed Venezuelan children. The developments from and crowdfunding activities demonstrate how Dash is able to help individuals in Venezuela and around the world through Dash’s main offerings as a better currency and payment method, as well as through its charitable community.