Dash Help recently released a new video detailing their comprehensive support accomplishments over the past couple months, along with a Dash social media influencer campaign sponsored by Dash Help, Dash Merchant, Dash Text, and Dash Remittances.

In the video, they mention how Dash Help has seen an 80% increase in the number of requests they have received as more Venezuelans adopt Dash and turn to Dash Help for support. They have also made numerous “How-To” videos to assist users, expanded with a new US call-in number to offer support to all that speak English, offer support via WhatsApp and plan to launch on Telegram soon. They also discussed their support partnership with Kripto Mobile, the filming of KRIP phone unboxings, and filming Dash usage at numerous merchants around Venezuela. Alejandro told DFN how the expansion to WhatsApp and Telegram just makes sense to reach more consumers.

“It was a no-brain move. Everybody use smartphones and that is the most easy/fastest way for people to communicate (using a chat platform like whatsapp and telegram). So we adapted to the market needs to be more easy to access by the Dash users”.

To reach more consumers, they plan to launch on Monday, October 14 a social media influencers campaign since “in Latam, especially in Venezuela, instagram is the social media that people use the most (way far from facebook and twitter).”

The advertising poster details the different individuals and their potential market reach. Alejandro told DFN how these individuals will help spread awareness of Dash.

“Thus, the famous people (influencers) have a huge impact in the masses. They are able to viralize any kind of content and their followers believe in them very much. The impact these people have is so huge that companies like McDonalds, Pepsi, Wendys, etc hire them to promote their products and services.”

Reaching consumers with targeted assistance and messaging

Getting more individuals to use Dash is one of the chief goals of Dash community outreach groups, which requires connecting with various consumers and supporting them through difficulties to make Dash usage a very easy and fun process. An example of of how Dash Help is solving this is the fact that, according to Alejandro, the most common questions they answer for consumers are the following:

  • Where and how can I buy/sell Dash?
  • I lost my/deleted my wallet accidentally what should I do now? (Security).
  • The tx has not arrived to my phone (synchronization)

Dash Help plays an integral role by assisting these consumers so they do not have to search the internet for answers and risk quitting Dash out of frustration. This is a difference from other coins that just emphasized adoption, but not retention.

An additional key to adoption is describing how it can be used and the solutions that it provides, which is what Dash Help, Dash Merchant, Dash Text, and Dash Remittances are attempting to do with the social media influencers campaign. Social media influencers have become a mainstream source of advertising since consumers tend to be more likely to adopt products used by people they identify with or just like in general, such as famous celebrities. Alejandro also discussed with DFN the different messaging campaigns these social media influencers will be producing continues the ““incentivize the consumption” stage of their strategy for adoption”.

1) Where can I buy/sell Dash? (Exchanges)

2) Where can I use/spend my Dash? (Merchants)

3) Where can I get support? (Dash Help)

4) How can I accept Dash? (Dash Merchant)

Alejandro highlighted that “most of the influencers have heard already about Dash”, but they still “explained to them everything the Dash groups wanted to do, who the Dash groups are, why are the Dash groups doing this”. He also added that the influencers will post their own pictures and videos that “will be very organic and they don’t post “publicity”, since they create their content and they insert the messages in an organic way”.

Dash can foster its own growth

Where other coins have to strictly rely on volunteer promotion, Dash is able to fund its own promotion and development through its DAO treasury. This funding can constantly be changed based on results and how much the network believes in the outreach strategy. Advertising and marketing often gets a bad reputation, especially in the cryptocurrency sector. However, advertising and marketing play an integral role to educate consumers and provide them with stories that enhances their well-being. Additionally, paid outreach helps enhance reliability and trustworthiness since paid professionals can get in trouble for lying or misbehavior and have an incentive to be truthful to continually receive funds, whereas volunteers have no such incentive.

Dash’s ability to fund its own promotion and development also allows for Dash user retention by providing followups to users. Dash Help excels at ensuring that merchants and consumers continue to use Dash when the inevitable road bump comes along with any new user adapting to new technology. Thanks to the solutions and promotions these funded community outreach groups provide, along with others like Dash Venezuela, Dash Brazil, Dash Hub Africa, Dash Nigeria, Dash Embassy D-A-CH, and others, Dash is seeing massive adoption around Venezuela and the world.