Dash version 0.13.0, the update formerly known as version 0.12.4, is ready to be tested by the community and will be the last update before version 1.0.0, which is the first of a series of updates known as Evolution.

According to the Dash Forum post by Dash Core Group developer, codablock, “this release deploys DIP2/3/4, so we’ll have to ensure all existing and new functionality works as expected in multiple stages of the deployment”. He then expanded on the stages of deployment for getting version 0.13.0 ready for full release.

1. Full nodes, Masternodes and Miners upgrade their nodes to the latest release
2. Miners will start voting on the BIP9 deployment for DIP3, but only if they see enough MNs upgraded (this is automated)
3. After enough blocks with the proper BIP9 bits have been mined, DIP3 will activate but stay in “compatibility mode”
4. In this “compatibility mode”, the existing non-deterministic masternodes should continue to work as expected
5. Now MNs can start registering their MNs as deterministic masternodes. Detailed instructions on how to do this will follow when the time arises.
6. Even the registered MNs will continue operating in the “compatibility mode” and will appear in “masternode list” as expected. InstantSend, PrivateSend, Governance, MN payment logic and so on should continue working as usual.
7. We will watch the progress of MNs upgrading to DIP3. When we see enough of these, we’ll turn on spork15 (SPORK_15_DETERMINISTIC_MNS_ENABLED)
8. This is the point were all of us will be silent for a minute…as we say goodbye to all the non-deterministic masternodes. We’ll see the output of “masternode list” immediately switch to the deterministic list (dropping all others). We’ll also see the network go kind of silent, as all the bloat of masternode list synchronization disappears from the network…no more MNB, MNP, MNW, … messages.

Codablock specified that the network is currently at stage 1 and he will update the post every time the network moves forward to the next stage. He also added that full testing will have to be conducted at stage 1, 3, 5, and 8 so 3 more times in total and he went on to detail what and how testing can be conducted.

What/how to test:
– Check if normal transactions are still working, perform some automated load testing if you want
– Check if creating and voting on proposals work. Also check if winning proposals get paid and other don’t.
– There were improvements in PrivateSend, please test if mixing still works for you. It is very likely that mixing will not be working as expected in deployment stage 1. and 2.
– Check if InstantSend is still working (it might fail in the beginning as not enough MNs are available/upgraded atm)
– Starting with stage 3., test if automatic InstantSend locks for simple transactions are working as expected.
– Run a masternode or two, make sure it is paid. We’re happy for everyone that also participates in the whole upgrade process from normal/old MNs to the deterministic MNs. Instructions on how to upgrade will follow when we reach stage 5.

Impacts of version 0.13.0 upgrade

One of the biggest impacts of the 0.13.0 upgrade will be the introduction of Deterministic Masternode Lists, which will allow Masternodes to delegate their roles between owner, operator, and voter without having to give away their single key that has access to the 1000 Dash collateral. This will greatly allow the mitigation of risks while also enabling the specialization of tasks, which as economic theory details, leads to more efficient services. Liz Robuck, Dash Core Group Chief Product Owner, also previously discussed how “the Deterministic Masternode List system will essentially guarantee that all nodes in the network can agree on the masternode list via on-chain data, avoiding the risks associated with inability to reach consensus”. She added that “this has not historically been an issue for the small quorums used for InstantSend, but limits uses of the system that require larger quorums”, which will be required as InstantSend scales.

Automatic InstantSend will also be implemented, “which will improve the speed of most transactions at no additional cost”, according to a new blog post by Liz Robuck. She further expanded on what this improvement means for Dash users.

“With Release 0.13.0, the system will automatically attempt to lock any transaction with 4 or fewer inputs — which are referred to as “simple” transactions — and remove the additional fee for InstantSend, so only the standard transaction fee applies. These transactions make up over 90% of all transactions on the Dash network — which means the majority of Dash transactions are about to get even faster, at no additional cost.”

PrivateSend will also see major overhauls with the 0.13.0 upgrade. One of the improvements will include increasing the rounds of mixing, which will increase obscurity of the transaction for users.  An extra denomination of 0.001 Dash will also be added, which should lower fees for consumers seeking optional privacy. Overall, the speed of PrivateSend is also anticipated to see an improvement. These improvements are helping Dash set itself apart from its fiat and cryptocurrency peers.

Dash setting new precedents

Dash is endeavoring to become a global payments network used in everyday transactions, while also offering extremely easy user experience and user interface. Update 0.13.0 is taking the network one step closer to that goal by preparing Dash for the introduction of version 1.0.0, also known as Evolution, which will introduce revolutionary features such as Blockchain Usernames with DIP-5. These feature stand to differentiate Dash from its peers by taking steps to make Dash a cryptocurrency that not only handles record numbers of transactions, as demonstrated by this past weekend’s stress test, but also be a cryptocurrency that is easy and intuitive to use. This will help Dash achieve wider adoption since it will be able to appeal to a larger consumer base.


Update: Automatic InstantSend was previously not included in this article, but the article has since been updated to include this major upgrade.