Decentralized blockchain-based browser, Brave has added Dash as a cryptocurrency that can be used for transactions on its platform.

Brave is an innovative privacy-enabled blockchain browser that is focused on protecting users’ data, keeping them private as an identity protection measure. This is a totally different approach from what is attainable with the traditional browsers that extract users’ data and actually sell them to advertisers for monetary values.

The Brave browser instead rewards users based on the amount of time that they spend visiting websites. Users are primarily rewarded using the Basic Attention Token (BAT) which is native to the Ethereum-based platform.

Brave users, after earning BAT can then use the platform’s partner, Uphold to convert the BAT to a currency of their choosing among the options available. Only a few digital currencies are listed among these options, of which Dash is prominently included.

The increasing demand for private solutions and networks

There is an increasing awareness around privacy protection across the internet. This is evident with the rise of privacy-protecting services among interactive platforms that exist today on the internet. Encrypted messaging apps are growing in popularity, with the likes of Telegram, WhatsApp, Viber, Dust and several others adopting the end-to-end encryption system.

Beyond just messaging, general use of the internet and the socio-political developments of recent times have revealed how important private networks have become in the cyberspace. Fresh in our minds is the email revelations that was used during the last US presidential election campaigns. Apparently, we may not have heard the last of that.

Several other incidences exist that are of different magnitude and implications, even on personal individual levels. The risk of fraud and overall security is endearing the public to more private ways of carrying out their activities. Therefore, the rise in awareness and increasing adoption rate of privacy-centric communication technologies does not come as a surprise.

Brave is a blockchain-based browser. Other platforms such as VPNs and encryption-enabled apps as mentioned above are becoming popular. In order to maintain the private nature of this platforms, private networks are essential when transaction are applicable. This is where the relevance of Dash becomes pronounced.

Dash brings together private transactions and an upcoming decentralization application platform

The Privatesend feature on the Dash protocol enables users to keep their transactions private. This is achieved by making the origin of funds obscure through a coin mixing process. This protocol also maintains the fungibility of Dash coins by removing its history from the network. Therefore, for purposes of consistency in privacy protection, transaction protocols like Privatesend are ideal.

Furthermore, the upcoming Dash Platform, which is currently being built by the Dash Core Group (DCG) is designed to enable developers to build superior privacy-enabled solutions like Brave directly on Dash.

The platform which is about to be released will steadily evolve until it provides developers with a full stack for developing the kind of products mentioned above.

Data privacy is an essential element in today’s internet ecosystem. As the technological atmosphere evolves into transferring data power and control to the actual owners, Dash is at the forefront towards achieving this in the blockchain ecosystem. This is evident in the various developments within its community and the recognition that in gets even in the wider ecosystem.