This year’s Bitcoin Pizza Day celebrations were a bit different in that some celebrations were paid for with Dash.

Eight years ago, on May 22nd, was the infamous day when the first reported Bitcoin transaction occurred – 10,000 Bitcoins for a pair of Papa John’s pizzas. Each year the event is commemorated by Bitcoin and cryptocurrency enthusiasts ordering pizza with Bitcoin. However, recent developments have lead to a meetup group in Keene, NH, USA to pay with Dash instead.

Ian, one of the meetup organizers, said “[l]ast year during the dramatic spike in fees on the Bitcoin Core network, several local businesses began accepting DASH as an alternative to BTC, to give their customers a choice”. He expanded on how the current “fees to send BTC are typically about $0.40 and to send DASH about $0.01”, and that “it’s a no-brainer” choice. He added that Dash “confirms four times faster than BTC”.

Additionally, Ian’s meetup group in Keene was not the only meetup to use Dash. Only a couple hours away in Portsmouth, NH, USA was another meetup group also celebrating Bitcoin Pizza Day. A couple attendees specifically requested to pay in Dash. Even though the group was there to celebrate Bitcoin, one of the organizers, Derrick, admitted that “Dash has benefits over Bitcoin that make it more attractive for customers”. Derrick referenced the “much lower” transaction fees and the “Dash-Back” program that is being offered through the Anypay digital cash register where “customers receive an instant rebate when they pay with Dash”.

Both of these events demonstrate Dash is becoming more popular, so popular that it is beginning to replace the name-brand cryptocurrency on its own holiday.

Why is Dash so popular?

Ian added that Dash is very popular in Southern New Hampshire, due in part to the locally developed Anypay digital cash register, which seamlessly allows merchants to accept Dash. Ian also cited an interview with that ranks Keene, NH third in the world for “real-life DASH acceptance”; ranking only behind Caracas, Venezuela in first and Portsmouth, NH, USA in second.

Recently joining the party is, who crowd-sources local and global video content creators and recently told Dash Force News than many of their employees showed overwhelming support for Dash. After an internal survey, they found that their employees significantly preferred to be paid in Dash. This further demonstrates that consumer preferences are driving Dash adoption.

Bitcoin has been faced with a lot of controversy lately within the cryptocurrency community for its scaling issues resulting in high fees and long confirmation times. Both have been significantly reduced since its most extreme bottleneck half a year ago, but the problems still persists. Instead, Dash has been able to consistently maintain low confirmation times and very cheap transaction fees, while also consistently maintaining security and decentralization. These features keep the average end user in mind for using Dash in everyday life and thus gives Dash a comparative advantage over other cryptocurrencies.

How does Dash maintain its comparative advantage?

Dash has been able to leverage its unique governance and treasury structure to ensure stable and reliable development of the Dash blockchain. Dash’s decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) has been gaining recognition in mainstream outlets for its ability to create unique stakeholder agents and incentives to encourage and accomplish stable development in the interest of other stakeholder principals. In addition, the Dash DAO ensures assigned agents, like the Dash Core team, are still answerable to the larger Dash community and can be overturned on individual decisions, as recently demonstrated with Dash’s logo rebranding. It has been so successful that other cryptocurrencies are attempting to emulate Dash’s DAO structure.

The Dash DAO has allowed the Dash community to empower developers and entrepreneurs to coordinate and accommodate the desires of its users, which includes maintenance of low transaction fees, fast confirmation times, security for its users, and integrations across many platforms. This has helped demonstrate Dash’s value to individuals around the world leading to its rapid adoption, which can easily be seen on and in the New Hampshire cryptocurrency meetups mentioned above.