Online shopping platform BitCart has added Dash integration, as have Venezuelan exchange CryptoBuyer and e-commerce plugin CryptoWoo.

BitCart, a blockchain startup from Ireland similar to industry star, added Dash integration to its platform. According to Dash Core’s VP of Business Development Daniel Diaz, the Dash integration will give users a superior experience over having to first go through Bitcoin’s network:

“This partnership marks Dash’s first direct integration to a service of this kind, granting the project more independence. Dash’s fast confirmations and cheap transactions ensure a superior user experience on BitCart using Dash because users don’t have to bridge through other networks and wait long times for confirmation.”

BitCart CEO Graham de Barra sees this as an opportunity to remain competitive in a field where Bitcoin’s significant lead is slipping:

“Customers can be from anywhere in the world, but currently most users are predominantly from the USA and Asia. With Bitcoin falling to 66% of the total market share, and Dash recently climbing to the fifth most valuable cryptocurrency, I have no doubt that our customer-base will increase with this implementation.”

BitCart will allow users to buy from Amazon with Dash

The addition of Dash to BitCart opens up a large online product selection to Dash users, but also solves an issue facing its industry. According to de Barra, Dash was integrated because of its scalability and instant permanent settlement, a must in a field of chargebacks and fraud:

“Dash is an obvious addition to our payment options due to its scalability. It is the superior cryptocurrency for payments over any other cryptocurrency. There is nothing more exciting for me than the decentralization of the global finance system, which is currently inefficient and riddled with fraud. Dash allows our merchant platform to completely eliminate the chance of chargebacks, and it opens up more options to anyone in the world.”

Dash has long served as a favored altcoin for online shopping. Last year, month after month, Dash was ranked as the #1 most-used cryptocurrency aside from Bitcoin on, online shopping platform similar to BitCart (and the more established competitor). This includes consistently surpassing cryptocurrency #2 heavyweight Ethereum before Dash’s meteoric price surge this year.

CryptoBuyer and CryptoWoo also add Dash

In addition to BitCart, CryptoBuyer, an exchange based in Venezuela, added Dash integration as well. This opens up the ability for a people plagued with economic struggle and currency issues to employ Dash as well as Bitcoin for a variety of uses, including topping up debit cards and cell phones and making remittances. CryptoWoo, an e-commerce plugin, has also added Dash functionality to the previous lineup of Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Dogecoin.

This last month has shown an impressive burst of integrations for Dash. Kraken, Whaleclub, and Coincheck added Dash functionality recently, and TenX debuted a new Dash debit card. Additionally, popular multicoin wallet Jaxx re-added Dash to its iPhone app, ending a long standoff between Apple and Dash integration.